Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Bringing Them Home: Rosemont Series

Thank you for visiting today!  If you are looking for a new Amish novel to read, I suggest The Farmer's Market Mishap by Wanda Brunstetter and Jean Brunstetter.  It is the sequel The Lopsided Christmas Cake.  It is a cute story!

Bringing Them Home by Barbara Hinske is the fifth book in the Rosemont series.  Maggie Martin is the mayor of Westbury and owner of Rosemont where she lives with her husband, John.  Maggie has been taking care of her daughter, Susan since she donated a kidney to her half-sister.  Soon Susan will be able to start her new life as Mrs. Aaron Scanlon in California.  But what happens when Aaron’s residency is completed?  Maggie is worried about the case against Chuck Delgado.  It will be going to trial soon, but Alex is not sure they have enough evidence.  There are people in the town who have the proof needed to put Chuck away.  But one if afraid of being implicated in Chuck’s crimes and another wants to protect a relationship.    Another person gets in Chuck’s way and does not get the opportunity to come forward.  Chuck will do whatever it takes to avoid jail.  David Wheeler wants revenge against Chuck for his father’s death.  David decides to look for the needed documents.  If Delgado catches him, David will not make it home to his mother.  Maggie gets to spend some time at Highpointe College, and it leads to a wonderful offer.  Is this the right time for to make a change?  Come back to Rosemont to see if Chuck Delgado gets his due and to catch up on everyone’s lives in Bringing Them Home.

Bringing Them Home is nicely written, easy to read, and has a good pace.  The setting sounds lovely (I enjoyed the descriptions of the town), and I like the good guys in the series (Chuck and his cohorts need to be taken down).  There are several storylines in the book (as you can see from my summary), but it is easy to keep track of them all.   Bringing Them Home is the fifth book in the series, and it is not a stand-alone novel.  Each book in the series builds upon the previous one (in other words, you need to read them in order).   I give Bringing Them Home 4 out of 5 stars (I liked it).  The Chuck Delgado storyline ending was anticlimactic.  It was wrapped up too quickly and cleanly (and the readers were not a part of it).   I did like how all the storylines were wrapped up in the end.  It was a lovely and sweet conclusion (you will finish the book with a smile on your face).  

The other novels in the Rosemont series are Coming to Rosemont, Weaving the Strands, Uncovering Secrets, and Drawing Close.  All five books in the series are available on Kindle Unlimited.  I hope you have a very special day.  I will be back tomorrow to share my thoughts on another book.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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