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Mulch Ado About Murder: A Local Foods Mystery

Greetings!  On June 6 Once Upon a Spine by Kate Carlisle will be released.  It is the eleventh book in A Bibliophile Mystery series.  I look forward to finding what Brooklyn Wainwright is up to this time along with her handsome fiance, Derek Stone.  I have read every book in the series and each one is better than the last. Homicide in Hardcover is the first book in the series.  I hope you find a new series for you to read and enjoy!

Mulch Ado about Murder by Edith Maxwell is the fifth book in A Local Foods Mystery series.  Cam Flaherty owns Attic Hill Organic Farm in Westbury, Massachusetts.  It is the end of May and a busy time for Cam on the farm.  Cam heads into town to drop off some basil and lettuce seedlings to Nicole Kingsbury.  Nicole is starting Seacoast Fresh, a hydroponic organic greenhouse.  Cam arrives at Seacoast Fresh and discovers protestors outside the building.  One of the demonstrators is her mother, Deb Flaherty.  Her parents decided to surprise Cam with a visit.  Cam skirts around the picketers and enters the greenhouse calling out for Nicole.  Cam discovers Nicole deceased by the slurry vat clutching a rosary.  Once again Cam is embroiled in a murder investigation with her mother on the suspect list.  Cam wants to get her mother cleared of the crime and starts digging into Nicole’s life.  Cam gets an unlikely sidekick in her father, William.  Will this duo be able to uproot the killer?

Mulch Ado about Murder is an easy to read cozy mystery.  The book is nicely written and has a good pace (can be finished in just a couple of hours).  I liked the main characters and enjoyed the addition of her parents (especially William). It was good to get more background on Cam and how her family influenced her life choices.  Mulch Ado about Murder is a light cozy mystery with focus on Cam’s day to day life (the crops, taking care of the chickens, eating out, her boyfriend, parade, her friends).  The mystery was medium level.  There are a couple of suspects and a unique method of murder (the best part).  When reading a mystery novel, the little details are the most important.  That was definitely the case in Mulch Ado about Murder.  I give Mulch Ado about Murder 3.5 out of 5 stars.  I did find some information to be repeated a few times throughout the story.  There were also some details brought up that were never addressed (what was in Nicole’s slurry, chemical smell Cam smelled).  For instance, D.J. had left his bike at Cam’s farm while out of town.  At the end of the book, D.J. arrives at Cam’s on his bike (had just returned to town and he had not been out to farm yet).  While Mulch Ado about Murder is the fifth book in the series, it can be read alone.  The author provides all the needed background information for someone to read and understand the story.  I did like reading Mulch Ado about Murder and look forward to the next book in A Local Foods Mystery series.  Mulch Ado about Murder will be released on May 30!

Thank you for reading my review.  I am currently reading The Antique House Murders by Leslie Nagel.  I will be back on Friday to review All the Best People by Sonja Yoerg.    I hope you have a congenial day. Take care and Happy Reading!

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