Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Best Kind of Magic: Windy City Magic

Happy Mother's Day!  I will be celebrating the day with my mother (she will be 72 this year) and my daughter.  My favorite part of the day is I do not have to cook!

The Best Kind of Magic by Crystal Cestari is the first book in Windy City Magic series.  Amber Sand is a teenager living in Chicago, Illinois with her mother, Lucille and grandmother, Edith.  Both her grandmother and mother are witches.  While Amber is not a witch, she has the ability to see true love.  She is a matchmaker.  It only takes a few seconds of looking into a person’s eyes for Amber to see that individual’s true love.  Amber is working in the family shop, Windy City Magic when Mayor John Blitzman visits.  John is looking for her mother and seems upset.  John nor her mother will tell her what is wrong.  Soon, John’s son, Charlie pays Amber a visit.  The two run in different circles at school and rarely interact.  Charlie tells Amber that his soon-to-be stepmother, Cassandra is missing.  Unlike John who wants her found, Charlie wants Cassandra to stay missing.  Cassandra is a gold digger according to Charlie, but John cannot see it (sounds suspicious).  Amber wants to prove to her family that she is just as capable as they are and sets out to help Charlie.  Charlie is about to discover a whole new side of Chicago when he is exposed to the supernatural.  Amber enjoys spending time with Charlie, but she knows that she is not his soul mate.  Is it wrong to have a relationship with Charlie knowing that she is not his true love?  Can they find Cassandra and what has she been up to?

The Best Kind of Magic is a young-adult novel.  It was easy to read and can be finished in a few hours.  While there is some mystery in the story with the search for Cassandra, much of the book is a romance.  A lot of time is devoted to Amber’s thoughts and feelings.  I was disappointed that there was not more of the magical element in the story.  I give The Best Kind of Magic 3 out of 5 stars.  This book was a little cliché and predictable.  It reminds me of many novels that I have read.  I felt that the author could have done more with the story.  It would have been a great paranormal suspense book with the vampires, witches, goblins, and a siren.  Instead, readers are subjected to the many thoughts of a teenage girl with her many insecurities and thoughts of boys.  The Best Kind of Magic is best read by tweens and teens (which is the target audience).  The Best Kind of Magic will be released on May 16.

I appreciate you reading my latest review.  I am reading Hospitality and Homicide by Lynn Cahoon.  I hope each of you have a very special day. I will be sharing my thoughts on Uniformly Dead by Greta McKennan. Take care and Happy Reading!

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