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Brothers and Sisters of Byland Cresent by Bill Kitson

 Brothers and Sisters 


Byland Crescent

Book Summary

From humble origins, the Cowgill family have bettered their lot. Through love and loss, hope and heartbreak, they work hard and face their troubles together, no matter what life throws at them.

Yorkshire, 1878

Young, ambitious and in love, Albert Cowgill’s life is finally beginning in earnest. At just twenty-three, he has already been made partner at Haigh, Ackroyd & Cowgill — the best wool business in the city. He’s also just laid eyes on the prettiest girl he ever saw, Hannah Ackroyd.

Romance soon blossoms for Albert and Hannah, and they marry and set up home in Scarborough. But before long, clouds gather over Number 1, Byland Crescent.

Within a year, Albert’s family begins to disintegrate. His youngest daughter contracts consumption. His eldest son runs off with the housemaid.

As Europe teeters on the brink of war, Albert’s hopes for his youngest son — and his business — are dashed. Conflict will irrevocably change the Cowgill family’s way of life . . .

Discover the trials and tribulations of a Yorkshire family through the decades.

Wool Exchange

My Thoughts

Brothers and Sisters of Byland Crescent by Bill Kitson is the beginning of The Cowgill Family Saga.  It is a touching family saga that follows the life of Albert Cowgill who is determined to escape his humble beginnings.  We follow Albert has he works his way up in a wool company, marries, and starts a family.  We get to meet Albert’s colleagues, neighbors, and children.  When the children grow up, they marry, and have children of their own.  It is a realistic story that includes life’s ups and downs.  The author captured the Great War with the battles and what the people involved endured (soldiers and nurses for example).  So many families were forever changed by their losses.  The author did not shy away from difficult subjects.  He also added characters that you would not normally find in a historical saga.  Brothers and Sisters of Byland Crescent is an emotional novel.  It was interesting to learn about the wool trade and see how it changed with the industrial revolution.  The book follows the Cowgill family from 1878 through 1922.  This is a story that will keep you riveted once you get into it.  It is a little bit of a slow starter, but I soon found myself engrossed.  I had a tough time putting it down (the dog insisted on going for his walk).  I liked the author's writing style.  It made for an engaging and easy to read historical novel.  Brothers and Sisters of Byland Crescent moved along at a good pace. I am eager to read the next installment in The Cowgill Family Saga.  Brothers and Sisters of Byland Crescent is a dramatic saga with an ambitious Albert, the helpful Hannah, a bustling business, a fine family, a waging war, a smarmy snake in the grass, and a startling surprise.

Brothers and Sisters of Byland Crescent is available from Amazon*.  The other novels in The Cowgill Family Saga are Storm Clouds Over Byland Crescent and Coming Home to Byland Crescent.  You can find Bill Kitson's other novels here.  Thank you for stopping by today.  I hope I have helped you to find a new author and series.  I will be sharing my thoughts on To the Tome of Murder by Lauren Elliott.  It is the seventh A Beyond the Page Bookstore Mystery.  I was unable to feature this cozy mystery when it was released.  I hope that you have a pleasant day.  Take care, stay safe, and Happy Reading!


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