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Caramel Pecan Roll Murder by Joanne Fluke

 Caramel Pecan Roll Murder

Book Summary

Embracing a sweet escape from her usual routine at The Cookie Jar, Hannah gets asked for her help in baking pastries at the local inn for a flashy fishing competition with big prizes and even bigger names. But the fun stops when she spots a runway boat on the water and, on board, the lifeless body of the event’s renowned celebrity spokesperson…

Famed TV show host Sonny Bowman wasn’t humble about his ability to reel in winning catches, and no one knew that better than his tragically overworked sidekick, Joey. Did Joey finally take bloody revenge on his pompous boss—or was Sonny killed by a jealous contestant?

With goodies to bake and a mess of fresh challenges mixed into her personal life, it’s either sink or swim as Hannah joins forces with her sister, Andrea, to catch a clever culprit before another unsuspecting victim goes belly up…

Features Over a Dozen Cookie and Dessert Recipes from The Cookie Jar!

My Thoughts

Hannah Swensen is still reeling from the death of her husband, Ross.  Hannah and her furbaby, Moishe have been staying at Norman’s place.  Hannah is not sure that Moishe will ever be able to return to their home.  She feels that she needs to make a change soon because of all the rumors floating around town regarding her and Norman.  Sally, owner of the Lake Eden Inn with her husband Dirk, is in a dilemma and needs Hannah’s assistance.    The Walleye Fishing Tournament is taking place at the inn and Sally is hoping to get them to return every year.  Her pastry chef has a family emergency and Sally needs someone to make the pastries.  Hannah feels this is a chance for a change of scenery and is happy to help Sally.  Hannah gets a room at the inn since she needs to be up early to bake the breakfast items.  Hannah is on the lake with Norman one afternoon when they spot a boat going around in circles.  They find the famed fishing television host, Sonny Bowman slumped over the wheel of the boat—dead.  Hannah is on the case with Andrea as her sidekick.  They find there are several people who wanted the handsome host dead.  Hannah and Andrea fish for clues in the hopes of reeling in the killer.

Caramel Pecan Roll Murder by Joanne Fluke is the 28th A Hannah Swensen Mystery.  I do not feel Caramel Pecan Roll Murder is a standalone book.  New readers will find the background information needed to be missing.  Fans of the series (like me), though, will enjoy it.  I have read every Hannah Swensen mystery.  Caramel Pecan Roll Murder picks up a few weeks after the death with Ross, Hannah’s “husband” has been cleared up.  Hannah is lacking her confidence after everything that has happened.  I hope she gets it back soon.  I understand that Hannah loves her condo, but I feel it would be best for her and Moishe if she sold it and found a new place to live (I see her in a cozy little house with lots of play space for Moishe and Cuddles).  I feel bad for Moishe, and I am glad that he has Cuddles to keep him company and has Hannah’s mother to spoil him.  The mystery had a dead television host at a fishing tournament.  The man was a piece of work so naturally there are a number of suspects.  Hannah with help from Andrea sets out to hook the killer.  Hannah could use the diversion as her thoughts keep going back to Ross.  There are good clues to help readers solve the crime before the reveal.  The reveal was dramatic and tense.  We get all our questions answered regarding the whodunit.  The pacing was a little slower for Caramel Pecan Roll Murder.  I enjoyed my latest visit to Lake Eden.  We are left with a little cliffhanger at the end of Caramel Pecan Roll Murder.  I am curious how it will turn out.  I enjoyed catching up with Hannah, Mike, Norman, Delores, Andrea, Michelle, Lonnie, Lisa, and, of course, Moishe.  I look forward to seeing what Hannah will do next.  Caramel Pecan Roll Murder is a tasty treat with timorous Moishe, a sloshed Sonny, a distressed Sally, a helpful Hannah, a considerate Norman, able assistant Andrea, a sympathetic Mike, and a mysterious murder.

Caramel Pecan Roll Murder is available from Amazon*.  You can find the other twenty-seven A Hannah Swensen Mysteries here.  I appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to visit.  I will be sharing my thoughts on Batter Off Dead by Maddie Day tomorrow.  It is the tenth A Country Store Mystery.  I hope that you have a relaxing weekend.  I have been trying to get one project a day done around the house.  I have a list of projects that need to be accomplished.  I am trying to get the outside jobs done before the heat and humidity descends (summers can be brutal in Florida and it begins early).  Take care, stay safe, and Happy Reading!


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