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A Deadly Bone to Pick by Peggy Rothschild

 A Deadly Bone to Pick

Book Summary

When Molly Madison, dog-wrangler extraordinaire, stumbles upon a murder in her new hometown, she must track down a killer to save the day.

Ex-police officer and former P.I. Molly Madison is starting over. After the death of her husband, she and her golden retriever, Harlow, move cross-country to California. But as charming and peaceful as the beachside town seems, she soon learns its tranquil tides hold dark secrets.
On her first day in the new house, a large, slobbering Saint Berdoodle wanders in. Molly winds up taking on the responsibility of training Noodle since his owner is too busy to do the job. On one of their daily beachside walks, Noodle digs up a severed hand. Once Molly alerts the police and they run a background check on her, an incident from her past makes her an immediate suspect—after all, Noodle’s testimony to clear her name won’t hold much water in court. 
To prove her innocence, Molly must rely on instincts keener than a canine to sniff out the real killer. But when Molly’s life is put in danger, will her two very loyal pups be able to rescue her?

About the Author

Always a mystery lover, Peggy Rothschild embraced the tales of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys before graduating to the adult section of the library.  An English major in high school, she switched to art (another passion) in college.  Peggy lives in the beach community of Ventura with her husband and cats.  In her spare time, Peggy focuses on transforming her yard into a drought-tolerant paradise.

My Thoughts

A Deadly Bone to Pick by Peggy Rothschild has Molly Madison relocating to the West coast with her golden retriever, Harlow after the death of her husband.  Molly is instructing the movers when a large Saint Berdoodle walks into her home (he is a drooler).  It turns out that Noodle’s owner is too busy in the ER to take care of the affectionate dog or train him.  Molly takes over the task and walks him on the beach each morning with Harlow.  Noodle has a good sniffer.  He uncovers a hand on the beach.  Unfortunately, Molly becomes the prime suspect when the cops learn about what happened in Massachusetts.  When Noodle digs up another item, it is clear the lead detective has it out for Molly.  If she is going to get her fresh start, Molly needs to use the skills she learned as a copy and PI to uncover the responsible party.  

A Deadly Bone to Pick is the first book that I have read by Peggy Rothschild.  I liked the author’s writing style.  It made for an easy-to-read story with likeable characters.  I like Molly and her canine companion, Harlow.  We also get to meet some of her new neighbors.  Noodle is a delight. He adds humor to the story as well as those “ahhhh” moments.  Noodle is one clever canine.  The author shares information about dog breeds and training as well as agility training.  I learned some interesting facts.  My dog is part St. Bernard (only drools when food is present) and I learned that he has a nose for scents (explains his tracking ability).  The mystery was appealing, but there was not enough of it.  I wanted more details and investigation.  Solving the whodunit is a snap.  I was not a fan of the nasty lead detective (I do not care if he is going through an acrimonious divorce—he should not take it out on Molly).  His younger partner is much nicer and easy on the eyes.  I loved eight-year-old Ava.  She is extremely smart and has parents who are self-involved.  Molly and Ava have a lot in common despite their age difference.  Molly helps Ava train her dog, Huckleberry.  I hope A Deadly Bone to Pick is just the beginning of Molly Madison’s adventures.  A Deadly Bone to Pick is a charming new cozy with cute canines, a clever child, a diligent doctor, an exhumed hand, a distressing detective, a perturbing past, and a determined dog wrangler.

A Deadly Bone to Pick releases Tuesday, February 22 and it is available from Amazon*.  You can find Peggy Rothschild's other novels here.  Thank you for stopping by today.  On Monday, I am featuring Strength in the Storm by Laurel Blount.  It is the second A Johns Mill Amish Romance. I am heading off to rest.  I was walking my dog, Doozy when I had a little accident.  I am not quite sure how it happened, but I ended up on the ground and so did my baby.  Thankfully, Doozy is just fine (he just needed some attention and a few doggie cookies).  I did damage to both hands, my right shoulder, and my right knee.  My father would say I have a hitch in my getalong because I am walking with a limp.  I am grateful that I am walking and did not break any bones.  I was lucky that I was just on the next street over from our home.  I will have to pay closer attention in the future.  I hope that you have a restful weekend.  Take care, stay safe, and Happy Reading!


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