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The Inn on Mirror Lake by Debbie Mason

 The Inn on Mirror Lake
Book Summary

They swear they’re not right for each other but the matchmakers of Highland Falls are out to prove them wrong.

Elliana MacLeod has come home to whip the Mirror Lake Inn into tip-top shape, the only way to prevent her mother from selling the beloved family business. In between watching over mischievous, cigar-sneaking Grandpa Joe and trying to help Highland Falls win the Most Romantic Small Town in America contest, Elliana’s plate isn’t just full, it’s overflowing. She can’t refuse Nathan Black’s offer to fix up the inn, even if the gorgeous law enforcement officer has made it abundantly clear he considers her a friend, and nothing more.

Nate knows he’s not cut out for long-term relationships or white picket fences, and that’s what Ellie deserves. Yet keeping her at arm’s length is nearly impossible, especially once they’re working—and living—side-by-side. The more time he spends with Ellie, the more he wants, and not just for today but forever. When Ellie’s ex returns to town, has Nate missed his chance with the woman of his dreams?
My Thoughts

The Inn on Mirror Lake by Debbie Mason has Ellie MacLeod working to get the family inn in shape.  The inn has been in the family for five generations and her grandfather, Joe has lived there is whole life.  Ellie moved into the inn eight months ago after Grandpa Joe had a stroke.  Grandpa Joe is doing fine, but Ellie’s mother is determined to sell the property.  Ellie along with the Sisterhood of Highland Falls is working to prove the Mirror Lake Inn is a viable concern.  Ellie’s matchmaking grandmother has enlisted Nate Black to help Ellie.  Nate moves into the inn with Ryder.  Ryder’s father was Nathan’s best friend.   Ryder has been rebelling since his father was murdered.  His mother is hoping Nate will be a good influence since Ryder looks up to him.  In addition, Ellie’s sister, Bri asked Ellie to take in her dog, Toby to keep it safe.  Bri’s husband and the dog are not a good mix (the dog is a good judge of character).  Highland Falls is a contender for the Most Romantic Small Town in America contest.  Ellie must redecorate the rooms at the inn to fit a literary theme before the contest sponsors to come to visit.  Ellie has her plate full and while she appreciates Nate’s help it is hard to concentrate when he is around.  Ellie knows that Nate is not interested in a long-term relationship.  Nate is trying to keep Ellie at arm’s length, but it hard when the matchmakers in town keep pushing the two of them together.  When Ellie’s ex returns to town, Nate realizes that he might want the happily ever after.  Nate wonders if it is too late to win his soul mate.

The Inn on Mirror Lake is the fourth Highland Falls NovelI did not know when I picked up the book that it was part of a series.  I quickly discovered that it is best to read A Highland Falls series in order.  It was like I came into a movie halfway through it.  I felt that I was missing key details.  I discovered that Nate and Ellie were introduced in Falling in Love on Willow Creek (Book Three).  Characters from the previous books are in this story along with Ellie and Nate’s family members and residents of the town.  The author created some great characters.  I just love Grandpa Joe, the Judge, and Ryder.  Ellie has a special ability which added another dimension to the story.  I enjoyed the setting of Highland Falls and the inn at the lake.  It sounded like such a peaceful place.  The Inn on Mirror Lake is a complex book with varying layers.  I loved the humor in the story.  The scenes with Ellie and Nate with his sisters are especially amusing. Grandpa Joe and the Judge’s antics also had me chuckling.  There is plenty of flirtation and sizzle between Nate and Ellie.  The chemistry between the pair is palpable.  There are intimate thoughts and scenes in the book.  I do want to mention the significant amount of foul language (which I find offensive).  I like how the townspeople help Ellie with the Mirror Lake Inn.  The various characters from the first three books appear throughout the story.  They are worked seamlessly into this tale.  There are some serious moments as well.  Ellie’s sister, Brianna has an abusive husband.  I thought the author handled this delicate subject very well.  Ryder is dealing with the loss of his father.  He needs guidance, love, and man’s best friend.  The ending is charming and will leave readers smiling.  The Inn on Mirror Lake is a cute romantic tale with a cigar loving grandpa, meddling matchmakers, a shocking secret, a vigilant judge, protective pooch, a brutal brother-in-law, a frustrating filmmaker, and flirtatious friends. 

The Inn on Mirror Lake is available from Amazon*.  You can find the other A Highland Falls Novels here.  The next A Highland Fall Novel is At Home on Marigold Lane which comes out on September 27.  You can find Debbie Mason's other novels here.  Thank you for stopping by today.  February just flew by so quickly. I am putting the finishing touches on my St. Patrick's Day outdoor decorations.  I have shamrocks, leprachauns, and pots of gold. Tomorrow I am featuring The Sugarcreek Surprise by Wanda E. Brunstetter.  It is the second book in the Creektown Discoveries series.  I hope that you have a happy day.  We need more joy in our lives.  Take care, stay safe, and Happy Reading!


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