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Batter Off Dead by Maddie Day

Batter Off Dead
Book Summary

Robbie and her new husband Abe O’Neill are enjoying a summer evening in the park with fellow townsfolk excited for some Friday night fireworks. In attendance are senior residents from Jupiter Springs Assisted Living including Roy Bird, father to South Lick’s very own Police Lieutenant Buck Bird. Despite his blindness, Roy is a member of his group home’s knitting circle, spending quality time with some lovely ladies.
But when the lightshow ends, one of the knitters who sat with Roy is found dead, a puncture wound in her neck. The poor woman’s death echoes that of Buck’s mother and Roy’s wife—an unsolved homicide. To help find the killer, Robbie’s going to have to untangle the knotty relationships deep in the victim’s past . . .
Includes Recipes for you to try!
My Thoughts

Robbie and her new husband, Abe O’Neill, have just finished enjoying fireworks in the park and are ready to head home when they hear a scream.  Vi Perkell had come to the park with some of her fellow residents from Jupiter Springs Assisted Living.  She was with Lieutenant Buck Bird’s father, Grant Bird.  Unfortunately, Vi is dead from a puncture wound to her neck.  The next morning, Buck stops by Pans ‘N Pancakes for sustenance and mentions that the crime is eerily similar to his mother’s murder which has never been solved.  Robbie has good instincts when it comes to solving crimes.  With Robbie’s restaurant being the equivalent of an office water cooler, she can pick up the latest gossip and ask some subtle questions.  Robbie will need to unravel the clues and knit them together if she is going to help catch the killer.

Batter Off Dead by Maddie Day is the tenth A Country Store Mystery.  It can be read as a standalone if you are new to the series.  However, if you read the series in order, it allows you to get to know the characters and the town.  I thought Batter Off Dead contained good writing and developed characters.  The book moved along at a steady pace.  I like the small-town atmosphere in this series.  Robbie Jordan is happily married to Abe and her restaurant is doing very well.  The restaurant is busier than ever.  We follow Robbie as she goes about her day-to-day life in South Lick, Indiana.  I like how the author incorporates Indiana phrases and history of the area into the story.  The mystery has two components.  It involves a murder in the present and one in the past.  Both have a tie to Lt. Buck Bird.  There were a handful of suspects in the death of Vi Perkell. Robbie asks questions and listens to diners to gather clues.  Robbie needs to be careful, or she could get burned.  The whodunit is wrapped up with a tense reveal and all my questions were answered.  I like that we get to meet Buck’s father and grandmother.  Simone, Buck’s grandmother, is sharp as a tack and a stylish dresser.  Grant, Buck’s father, is a sweet man who can no longer see but creates lovely, knitted items.  A friend of Robbie’s is pregnant, and it makes her think about the future.  I enjoyed my visit to South Lick where I got to catch up with Robbie, Abe, Buck, and the others plus I got to solve a crime.   There are recipes at the end for some of the items served at Pans n’ Pancakes.  Batter Off Dead is a warm tale with delectable crepes, a cold case, a copycat crime, a crafting club, curious clues, and a caught killer.

Batter Off Dead is available from Amazon*.  You can find the other A Country Store Mysteries here.  Maddie Day has Murder in a Cape Cottage coming out September 27.  Follow Maddie Day on Amazon to get updates on her latest book releases.  It is the 4th A Cozy Capers Book Group Mystery series.  Thank you for joining me today.  On Monday, I am sharing my review of The Inn at Mirror Lake by Debbie Mason.  It is the fourth A Highland Falls Novel.  I hope that you have a fun weekend (or restful if that is what you prefer).  Take care, stay safe, and Happy Reading!


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