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Season of My Enemy by Naomi Musch

 Season of My Enemy

Book Summary

“Get Your Farm in the Fight”The Realities of WWII Come to a Wisconsin Farm

Full of intrigue, adventure, and romance, this series celebrates the unsung heroes—the heroines of WWII.

Only last year, Fannie O’Brien was considered a beauty with a brain, and her future shone bright, despite the war pounding Europe. With her father’s sudden death and her brothers overseas, Fannie must now do the work of three men on their 200-acre farm—until eight German prisoners arrive and, just as Fannie feared, trouble comes too. Someone seems intent on causing “accidents,” and Fannie is certain the culprit is one of the two handsome older Germans—or possibly both. Can she manage the farm, keep the prisoners in line, and hold her family together through these turbulent times?

My Thoughts

Season of My Enemy by Naomi Musch takes us to Wisconsin in 1944.  Farms are struggling to produce crops without the men to help them farm the land.  We get to see how the O’Brien family manages with aid from German POWs at Camp Barron.  I liked that we get to see an unfamiliar perspective on World War II.  I thought Season of My Enemy was well-written with realistic characters.  I thought Fannie O’Brien was a strong woman.  She left teacher’s college to shoulder the farm responsibilities.  Her two older brothers enlisted in the war and her father recently passed.  That leaves Fannie along with her mother, younger brother Jerry (16), and her youngest sister, Patsy (13) to handle all the farm chores.  The crops are needed to feed the soldiers plus the family needs the income.  I liked the depictions of the various characters.  I could understand how hard it was for the O’Brien’s to allow the German POWs on their farm especially with one brother being a prisoner of war in Germany.  These men are their enemy, but they need them to bring in the crops.  It had to have been a constant struggle. 

We also get to see the attitudes of men returning home from war.  I liked that we also get to see things through the eyes of the POWs.  It could not have been easy on them either. They were forced to fight by an evil man and now they are prisoners.  They no longer have to fight, but they are far from home.  Many of them are educated and not used to manual labor.  I thought the author really captured the emotions and attitudes.  I could tell the author did her research for this book.  I appreciated the author’s note at the end.  Despite the hardships and distressing aspects of war, we see God’s compassion and love.  The author did a wonderful job at weaving Christian messages into the story.  My favorite character was Patsy.  She is a vibrant teenager who is clever and loves to read.  I enjoyed her quest for knowledge and books.  Discrimination, prejudice, war, faith, family, duty, forgiveness, and romance are a few of the themes in Season of My Enemy.  I thought Season of My Enemy was an engaging story with a unique viewpoint.  I look forward to reading more books by Naomi Musch.  Season of My Enemy is a touching historical tale with a raging war, worker worries, a bitter brother, truck troubles, harvest hurries, alarming accidents, and a thrilling victory.

Season of My Enemy is available from Amazon*.  You can find Naomi Musch's other novels here (many of her books can be read for free through Kindle Unlimited).  Visit the author's website for more information about her books and to join her newsletter. Thank you for reading my review today.  Tomorrow I am sharing my thoughts on The Summer Daughter by Colleen French.  I am off to work in the garden for a little while.  The raised beds I have installed are really looking nice.  I just need one more to finish the side yard.  I hope that you have an enjoyable day.  Take care, stay safe, and Happy Reading!


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