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The Sea Nurses by Kate Eastham

 The Sea Nurses
Book Summary

The young nurse ran across the wooden deck, her feet skidding. She spotted an injured young man clinging to the ship’s rail, his eyes wide with terror. She could see the water rushing up to meet them. ‘We need to jump!’ she screamed. In that moment, a wave washed over them. She lunged forward to grab his hand, but she was a second too slow. Somewhere, deep inside the vessel, came a loud crack. The hospital ship was breaking apart…

1914. Evie Munro is a Scottish fisher girl, working the herring season from Wick to Great Yarmouth. For Evie, every day is the same – gutting fish at the docks, shoulder-to-shoulder with her friends, followed by fresh bread, a warm whiskey toddy and an early night. 
But when Germany declares war on Britain, everything changes.

As her village begins to empty of young men, Evie’s life is marked by a heartbreaking tragedy at home. Her happiness destroyed, she vows to join the war effort as an army nurse, caring for wounded soldiers on the imposing hospital ship 
But as the war rages on and the ship comes under direct fire, Evie’s courage is put to the ultimate test. Can Evie and the nurses of the HMHS Britannic save the day and heal the patients in their care? Or will her life become one more casualty in Britain’s heroic fight for freedom?

A heartbreaking wartime saga – guaranteed to have you grabbing for the tissues! Perfect for fans of Nadine Dorries, Diney Costeloe and Nancy Revell.
About the Author

A change in circumstance meant Kate Eastham made the shift from a career in nursing to be a carer for her partner.  Determined to make the most of this new role “working from home” and inspired by an in-depth study of the origins of nursing, she wrote her first novel at the kitchen table.  Miss Nightingale’s Nurses was published by Penguin in 2018, closely followed by three more in the series.  With her passion for history, Kate aims to make visible the lives of ordinary yet extraordinary women from the past.  Her current historical fiction is set during the World Wars and will be published by Bookouture.  You can follow Kate Eastham on Twitter (  

My Thoughts

The Sea Nurses by Kate Eastham has Iris and Evie joining the war effort in England by becoming nurses on hospital ships.  The two women come from diverse backgrounds, but they share a love of nursing.  They work together on the HMHS Britannic which was requisitioned and outfitted as a hospital ship.  With a red cross on the ship, it is supposed to have safe passage in the ocean.  It is no guarantee that an enemy U-boat will not decide to fire upon them.  These women will be put to the ultimate test.  

I thought The Sea Nurses was well-written with realistic, developed characters.  I like Iris and Evie who are both gifted nurses.  I am glad that the author gave us a unique book on World War I.  We get to follow women who have become nurses on a floating hospital.  They bring back wounded from the front.  The HMHS Britannic was a beautiful ocean liner until war broke out in Europe.  We learn how a hospital functions on a ship. I found it fascinating.  I could tell the author did her research for this book.  We also get to see what life was like on the luxury liners before the war.  Thanks to the authors vivid descriptions, I could picture myself standing on the deck as the RMS Olympic sailed into New York harbor with the Statue of Liberty in the distance.  In contrast, Evie worked fileting herring on the docks.  I cannot imagine the long days spent getting the fish ready for market (plus the smell).  Injuries were common as they had to work quickly.  There are some heartbreaking scenes in The Sea Nurses (have your tissues nearby).  I enjoyed reading this engaging historical novel.  The Sea Nurses is a story about war, friendships, love, loss, and coming together to work toward a common goal.  It is an emotional, dramatic story that will linger with you long after you finish it.  The Sea Nurses is a memorable tale with luxury liners, fileting fish, lost loved ones, suffering soldiers, incessant war, and hazardous waters.

The Sea Nurses is available from Amazon*.  If you belong to Kindle Unlimited, you can read The Sea Nurses for free.  You can find Kate Eastham's other novels here.  You sign up here to receive all the best Bookouture deals.  Thank you for stopping by today.  Tomorrow I am featuring The Proof is in the Poison by Diane Kelly.  It is the second A Southern Homebrew Mystery.  I am heading outside to work in the garden.  It is slowly taking shape.  I will share pictures when it is done.  The last raised bed is arriving this week.  When it is in place and filled, the side garden will be complete.  I can then start on the front yard.  I am still thinking about what I can do on the other side of the house.  I cannot plant in the ground on that side either because of flooding.  I also have less space to work with on that side.  I have to decide on my plan for the front yard and submit it to the people in charge for approval.  It will mean less grass for the groundskeepers to mow so I am hoping I will get approval (fingers crossed).  I hope that you have a lovely day.  Take care, stay cool, and Happy Reading!


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