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Listen to Me by Tess Gerritsen

 Listen to Me

Book Summary

Mothers know best . . . But who will listen?

Boston homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles are newly plagued by what seems like a completely senseless murder. Sofia Suarez, a widow and nurse who was universally liked by her neighbors, lies bludgeoned to death in her own home. But anything can happen behind closed doors, and Sofia seemed to have plenty of secrets in her last days, making covert phone calls to traceless burner phones. When Jane finally makes a connection between Sofia and the victim of a hit-and-run from months earlier, the case only grows more blurry. What exactly was Sofia involved in? One thing is clear: The killer will do anything it takes to keep their secret safe.
Meanwhile, Angela Rizzoli hasn’t had a decent night’s sleep in all the years since her daughter became a homicide detective. Maybe the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree: Nothing in Angela’s neighborhood gets by her—not the gossip about a runaway teenager down the block and definitely not the strange neighbors who have just moved in across the street. Angela’s sure there’s no such thing as coincidence in her sleepy suburb. If only Jane would listen—instead she writes off Angela’s concerns as the result of an overactive imagination. But Angela’s convinced there’s a real wolf in her vicinity, and her cries might now fall on deaf ears.

With so much happening on the Sofia case, Jane and Maura already struggle to see the forest for the trees, but will they lose sight of something sinister happening much closer to home?
My Thoughts

Listen to Me by Tess Gerritsen is the thirteenth novel in the Rizzoli and Isles series.  I have not read any of the previous books in the series, but I have watched every episode of the television series.  This knowledge allowed me to read Listen to MeListen to Me is an engaging story.  The story is told from Amy, Angela, Maura, and Jane’s point-of-view.  It did take me a little bit of time to adjust to the alternating POV.  It does allow readers to see things from each character’s perspective.  There are a couple of different storylines in the book.  There is the murder of nurse, a nineteen-year-old hit by a car, a missing teen, and Angela Rizzoli is worried about her mysterious new neighbors.  I enjoyed following the various stories and seeing how it all came together in the end.  There are some twists along the way (some expected and other are not).   

The characters are realistic and developed.  I enjoyed learning more about Jane Rizzoli, Angela Rizzoli, Barry Frost, and Maura Isles.  Vince is out of town taking care of his sister, but we get to interact with him through phone conversations with Angela.  The mystery was well-plotted.  I thought it was cleverly done.  I enjoyed the challenge (it was a fun whodunit to solve).  There are good clues to help readers identify the guilty party.  It was great how all the various parts came together.  I thought there was a good reveal and wrap-up.  Jane’s mother, Angela is certainly a busy body.  I would not want her in my neighborhood.  She knows everybody’s business (and if she does not, she will make it her mission to learn it).  Angela is a spunky woman.  I like that Angela is with Vince.  I am glad that I picked up Listen to Me.  It has good characters and a thought-out mystery that makes for an enjoyable reading experience.  Listen to Me is an intriguing mystery with a hit-and-run misfortune, a curious stalker, a slain nurse, new neighbors, a meddlesome mother, baffling burglaries, an absent teen, a marvel of a medical examiner, and a dedicated detective.  

Listen to Me is available from Amazon* (available in kindle, hardcover, and audiobook).  You can find the other Rizzoli & Isles novels here.  Thank you for dropping by today and reading my book review.  Death by Bubble Tea by Jennifer J. Chow is on deck for tomorrow.  It is the debut of the LA Night Market series.  I am heading off to put away the Fourth of July decorations (unfortunately, the inflatables do not roll up themselves).  I also need to switch out my garden flags for the summer themed flags (I could fill two large totes with garden flags).  I can start planning my Halloween display (I go all out for Halloween).  I need to decide whether to go cute or scary.  I did cute last year because there was a two year old living across the street.  I hope that you have a blissful day.  Take care, stay cool, and Happy Reading!


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