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The Warmth of Sunshine by Kelly Irvin

 The Warmth of Sunshine
Book Summary

Abigail’s Amish life has always followed a certain path . . . until an Englisch woman disrupts all she’s known to be true.

Growing up Amish, Abigail Bontrager often felt like a square peg in a round hole. Her pie crusts always turned out tough. Her stitches always ran crooked. She was clumsy. Not ideal for an aspiring Amish wife and mother, but her faith and love of her family, which are so much more important, are solid. Plus, her relationship with the attractive and kindhearted Owen Kurtz is moving in the right direction.

Owen is part dreamer, part entrepreneur. His friendship with Abigail has gradually blossomed into a sweet and loving courtship. Inspired by the hope of a future with the girl of his dreams, he decides to take the next step in building a business of his own—in the promising new industry of growing sunflowers.

When an outsider claiming to be Abigail’s birth mother abruptly enters her life, Abigail’s world comes crashing down. Confused and upset, she is determined to discover who she really is. Her journey of discovery leads to the possibilities of a new life waiting for her in the Englisch world. But is this new life really worth giving up everything and everyone she’s known? How can Abigail and Owen follow their hearts—and God’s plan—when these new paths now lead them into the unknown?

In this second book in the Amish Blessings series, bestselling and award-winning romance novelist Kelly Irvin shares an inspiring story of following your heart while trusting God to lead you into your future.

My Thoughts

The Warmth of Sunshine by Kelly Irvin is a touching Amish tale.  Abigail Bontrager has her life turned upside down when she learns that she was adopted.  Her birth mother, Heather shows up at the family farm wanting to get to know Abigail. Abigail is confused and no longer knows who she is.  Abigail decides to visit her birth mother and siblings in Abilene to see if it can provide clarity.  Abigail hopes that God will lead her down the right path.  I thought The Warmth of Sunshine was well-written with developed characters.  I like Kelly Irvin’s engaging writing style.  I was drawn into the story and just wanted to keep reading.  I cannot imagine what Abigail was feeling after discovering that she was adopted.  She has always felt like she did not fit in since she struggles to accomplish the normal female tasks (cooking, baking, etc.).    Abigail’s cookies could break a tooth.  I thought the author did a wonderful job at portraying Abigail’s emotional and her mental state after this revelation.  

We also meet Owen who has been courting Abigail.  He works for his father’s metal shed construction company, but Owen prefers farming.  He wants to grow sunflowers as a cash crop on his father’s land, but Owen’s father is not keen on the idea.  When Abigail departs for Abilene, Owen is left wondering if she will return to Haven.  Owen’s father is also courting a local widow.  It looks like he will be proposing soon which means a new stepmother and five new siblings.  The story is told from Abigail and Owen’s point-of-view in alternating chapters.  I found the pacing to be a little on the slow side as Abigail decides what to do and then visits her birth mother.  There are good life lessons in the story.  Everything happens for a reason.  God has a plan that will unfold according to His schedule (not ours). The Warmth of Sunshine is a story about hope, love, family, friendship, and faith.  It is the second book in the Amish Blessings series, but it can be read as a standalone.  The Warmth of Sunshine is a poignant Amish tale with an unexpected announcement, baffling feelings, bewildering birth family, crop conundrum, displeased parents, and a gracious God.

The Warmth of Sunshine is available from Amazon*.  The first book in the Amish Blessings series is Love's DwellingEvery Good Gift will be the third book in the Amish Blessings series and it will be out February 7, 2023. You can find Kelly Irvin's other novels here.  Thank you so much for visiting today.  I will be back tomorrow with Listen to Me by Tess Gerritsen.  It is 13th novel in the Rizzoli & Isles series.  I hope that you have cheery day.  Take care, stay cool (it is so hot), and Happy Reading!


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