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Witch and Famous by Angela Sanders

 Witch and Famous

 Book Summary

For a tiny town, picturesque Wilfred, Oregon, has everything, including an impressive library housed in a Victorian mansion, a touch of magic in new librarian and fledgling witch, Josie Way, a visiting movie star—and a curious tendency toward murder . . .
Josie and all of Wilfred are buzzing with excitement. A-list movie star Daphne Morris has chosen to interview Roz, assistant librarian and novelist, for her book club. But when the glamorous actress quickly charms both Roz’s long-time love and sheriff Sam, the object of Josie’s unrequited affection, Josie turns to the whispers from her beloved books for ideas on revising the plot. Yet soon there’s another twist.
At a party to celebrate the interview, Daphne’s personal chef is found dead in a scene that all too closely echoes one in Roz’s novel. It’s clear to Josie that someone’s idea of a happy ending means framing her friend. She’ll have to read between the lines with the help of the library’s enchanted stacks, guidance from her magical grandmother’s letters, and her cat familiar, Rodney, to solve this murder before someone decides to stage a deadly sequel . . .
 My Thoughts

Witch and Famous by Angela M. Sanders is the third novel in A Witch Way Librarian MysteriesWitch and Famous is an amusing paranormal cozy mystery.  Josie Wray is an interesting main character.  She is a librarian with special magical abilities.  I like that her special gift is bibliomancy.  Josie can talk to and hear the books.  Josie can recommend the perfect book for each patron.  She is slowly learning how to use her magic thanks to letters (magical lessons) left to her by her grandmother.  There are a variety of quirky characters in the story.  Wilfred, Oregon is a small town where everyone knows your business and gossip flows faster than maple syrup on hot pancakes.  There are many amusing incidents.  I was not a fan of the women getting jealous when Daphne Morris smiled and flirted with their beaus. I found Roz’ behavior to be juvenile.  Roz really let the green-eyed monster get to her.  Josie has no reason to be jealous because Sam is just her friend.  Josie has a “crush” on Sam, but he treats her like a good friend.  

The mystery was a fun one to solve.  I like how the clues were sprinkled throughout the book.  There are red herrings to distract readers from solving the crime before the reveal.  I did feel the reveal was a bit rushed considering the complexity.  The solution to the crime suited the story.  I enjoyed the books dialogue and how the various books behaved.  The book on racing was particularly amusing.  There is humor scattered throughout the story to keep readers amused.  Witch and Famous can be read as a standalone as the author provides the necessary background information on our main character.  You will be missing out details regarding the townspeople.  The story is a bit of a slow starter with most of the action taking place in the second half.  The magic helped spice up the story.  Josie is slowly learning her craft, but she does need to learn caution.  I was glad that the name of the town was not mentioned so frequently as in Bait and WitchWith and Famous is a magical tale with a magnetic movie star, prying residents, fatal threats, a mischievous feline, a green-eyed girlfriend, a smitten sheriff, a powerful potion, and a meddling librarian.

Witch and Famous publishes on Tuesday, July 26 and it can be preordered from Amazon*.  The first two books in A Witch Way Librarian Mysteries are Bait and Witch (can be borrowed for free with Kindle Unlimited) plus Seven-Year Witch.  You can find Angela Sanders' other novels here.  Thank you for joining me today.  On Monday, I am featuring Welcome to Weaver Street by Chrissie Walsh.  I hope that you have a relaxing weekend.  Take care, stay cool, and Happy Reading!


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