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Love Blooms in Morning Star by Charlotte Hubbard

 Love Blooms in Morning Star

Book Summary

When five unmarried Amish maidels turn a ramshackle barn into a thriving business, their small Missouri town is energized by new opportunities. But the Morning Star Marketplace has also brought unexpected joy, as each woman finds her own true love . . . 

As Jo Fussner keeps the Marketplace humming, her heart dances with a joyous secret. Jo and Michael Wengerd, a shy nursery owner from a nearby town, have fallen hopelessly in love. When Michael buys a courting buggy, Jo is sure a proposal will follow. But she’ll have to work hard to gain her mother’s approval—because the widowed Drusilla Fussner is convinced that marriage will bring her daughter nothing but heartache.
To win Jo’s hand, Michael enlists his father’s help in convincing Drusilla to give the marriage her blessing—and perhaps even open her heart to new happiness of her own. . . . But just as Jo and Michael’s hope for their future grows, an even bigger obstacle looms. The Amish elders vote to forbid any 
maidel from working once she marries. Now Jo must choose between the beloved store she’s put her heart into, and the man she can’t live without. Conflicted, Jo will have to trust that anything is possible when true faith guides the way . . .
My Thoughts

Love Blooms in Morning Star by Charlotte Hubbard is the fourth novel in The Maidels of Morning Star series.  Each book can be read as a standalone, but I recommend reading this charming series in order.  Love Blooms in Morning Star is an inspiring and heartwarming tale.  I love the characters in this series.  We get to catch up with all the people from the previous books, but this story focuses on Jo, Michael, Nelson, and Drusilla.  We also get to spend more time with Nelson’s twin sister, Nadine.  I like that the women speak up for themselves.  I admit that I do not agree with the Amish rule that men are in charge of the households and make the decisions regarding a wife (like being allowed to work outside the home).  We get to know Drusilla and learn what is behind her behavior.  I like that the characters and their situations are realistic.  They have real life struggles that readers can relate to.  I like that the characters are a range of ages (from Jo’s teenage helpers to those in their twilight years).  The descriptions of Jo’s mouthwatering baked goods will have heading for the nearest bakery.  There are good life lessons including a special one on forgiveness.  The faith element was nicely woven into the story.  The Easter weekend celebrations were special, and I liked Bishop Jeremiah’s sermon.  I enjoyed the camaraderie of the community and how people would come together to help each other.  The ending is special and will leave you with a good feeling in your heart (and a smile on your face).  I hope this will not be our last visit to Morning Star.  Love Blooms in Morning Star is an uplifting Amish tale with scrumptious coffee cakes, pretty posies, an emotive mother, an exultant engagement, a deacon dilemma, a cheery twin sister, a benevolent bishop, conferring forgiveness, and sweet surprises.  

Love Blooms in Morning Star publishes Tuesday, July 26 and it can be preordered from Amazon*.  The other three novels in The Maidels of Morning Star are Morning Star (can be borrowed for free through Kindle Unlimited), First Light in Morning Star, and Christmas Comes to Morning Star.  You can find Charlotte Hubbard's other novels here.  Charlotte Hubbard's next new book release is Family Gatherings at Promise Lodge which publishes February 28, 2023. It is the latest addition to the Promise Lodge series.  I appreciate you joining me today and reading my review.  On deck for tomorrow is Witch and Famous by Angela Sanders. It is the third book in A Witch Way Librarian Mysteries.  I hope that you have a positive day.  I am off to organize.  I have spaces that desperately need organization (and hopefully I can get rid of some items to make more space).  Take care, stay cool (it is so hot outside), and Happy Reading!


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