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The Proposal Plot by Kathleen Fuller

 The Proposal Plot
Book Summary

A headstrong young businesswoman. An unlucky-in-love bachelor. And the chaperoning assignment that keeps pushing them together.

For someone so strong-willed and certain, Ella Yoder has never been more unsure of her life. It's been a year since she convinced her father to move with her and her younger sister Junia to Marigold, Ohio, to open E and J Grocery. Ella's got a keen eye for running a business and has big dreams to expand. But her plans are stalled because Junia refuses to lift a finger at the store--or listen to her about anything.

Nelson Bontranger knows one thing for sure: creating his own artisan deli meats is his passion. Well, maybe one other thing: he's sworn off women forever. After two bouts of heartbreak, he's not willing to open up himself to a third. When he eyes his own butcher shop next to E and J Grocery in Marigold, he's surprised to learn that Ella has had her eye on the property for some time. He doesn't trust this stubborn, pushy young woman--and for her, the feeling is mutual.

Against their wishes, Ella and Nelson's paths continue to cross when Nelson's nephew Malachi falls head over heels for Junia. Nelson and Ella are brought together to keep the lovebirds in check, but somewhere along the line, their frustration turns to something altogether more pleasant. But they will both need to come to terms with past pain before they can find their future happiness.

My Thoughts

The Proposal Plot by Kathleen Fuller is an engaging Amish story.  I thought the story was well- written with developed, realistic characters.  I especially thought the author captured the bickering sisters (I have a sister who is the opposite of me in many ways and we squabbled often as kids). I liked Ella with her head for business and her bossy ways (I have been told that I am a “bit” bossy).  I understood why Ella was frustrated with Junia (who got away with doing the bare minimum).  There is plenty going on in the story with three romances, bickering sisters, and two businesses.  It was interesting learning about an artisan butcher and how he creates his deli meats.  The Proposal Plot delves into the themes of family, forgiveness, love, sibling rivalry, and second chances.    I liked the humor in the story, and I actually laughed out loud a time or two.  The Proposal Plot is the second An Amish Marigold Novel.  It can be read as a standalone for those who have not read The Courtship Plan.   I enjoyed visiting Marigold, Ohio again and I look forward to stopping by again soon. 

The Proposal Plot is avalable from Amazon* as well as other major booksellers.  The first An Amish Marigold Novel is The Courtship Plan.  You can find Kathleen Fuller's other novels here.  Thank you for joining me today.  I will be sharing my thoughts on Hidden Mountain Secrets by Kerry Johnson on Tuesday, May 14.  I hope that you have a joyful Mother's Day weekend. I have had my mother's gift hidden in the back of my closet since the beginning of January.  Now that my knees are feeling better, I will be setting up my Memorial Day display.  Unfortunately, they do not make inflatables for Mother's or Father's Day (I have searched high and low with no success).  Take care, keep smiling, and Happy Reading!


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