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The Road Before Us by Janine Rosche

 The Road Before Us

Book Summary

How far would you go to fix the mistakes you've made and regain the trust you lost? For Jade Jessup, the answer is 2,448 miles. Once one of Chicago's significant financial advisors, Jade lost her credibility when her fiancé (and coworker) stole millions of dollars from their clients in a Ponzi scheme. Now she's agreed to help one of them--an aging 1960s Hollywood starlet named Berenice "Benny" Alderidge--seek financial restoration.
Jade sets off along Route 66 with Benny and her handsome adult foster son, Bridger, who is filming a documentary retracing the 1956 trip that started the love story between Benny and her recently deceased husband, Paul. Listening to Benny recount her story draws Jade into memories of her own darker association with Route 66, when she was kidnapped as a child by a man the media labeled a monster--but she remembers only as daddy.
Together, all three of these pilgrims will learn about family, forgiveness, and what it means.

My Thoughts

I have mixed feelings about The Road Before Us by Janine Rosche.  The beginning drew me in, but then I found my attention flagging.  I believe part of the problem was adjusting to the multiple points of view and the three timelines.  The pacing was on the slow side (it reminded me of when I was a child and a car ride felt like it is going on forever especially since I had to share the backseat with my sister). The characters were developed and multifaceted. I liked that there was a diverse cast. My favorite character was Benny.  I liked her spirit and attitude.  Benny was determined to get to Hollywood to be an actress (she was not taking no for an answer). I loved the descriptions of the 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air (a beautiful car). 

We get to travel down the iconic Route 66 and see it from three points of view.  I enjoyed the retired couple, Sandy and Tim from Ohio (my favorite state) that Benny, Jade, and Bridger met while traveling.  Sandy and Tim were friendly, helpful, and hopeful.  The story addresses several sensitive and weighty topics (parental kidnapping, PTSD, sexual harassment, PTSD, and racism—I might have missed one or two).  I did feel that the author tried to put too much into one book.  Faith was a minute part of the story.  I appreciated the hopeful ending.   While I liked some parts of The Road Before Us, I skimmed through others.  I had to laugh, though, at the advice Benny offered to Ronald Regan when she met him at the wrap party after her first film.  

The Road Before Us comes out May 21 and can be preordered from Amazon*.  You can find Janine Rosche's other books here. This site has a list of attractions on Route 66. Thank you for stopping by today.  I will be back on Tuesday, May 21 with Amish Witness to Murder by Dana R. Lynn.  It is the eighteenth book in the Amish Country Justice series.  I hope that you have a relaxing weekend.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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