Friday, November 14, 2014

Forever His Darling

I just finished Sarah Randall’s Forever His Darling.  It is a romance story set in England.  Pippa Darling arranges a photo shoot to take place at Melville House (a horse ranch and stud farm).  Pippa and Mrs. H. (the housekeeper) decide that Matt (Pippa’s older brother) needs someone to shake him up.  Matt has been in a recluse since his fiancé, Emily, broke things off and caused a scandal in the papers.  The last thing that Matt wants is for fashion people to come into the house.  Matt does not think much of models.

Ana is the model scheduled to wear to wear the clothes for the fashion shoot.  Pippa tells Matt about the photo shoot the day Ana is to arrive.  Matt picks her up at the airport in the nastiest vehicle the farm owns.  Matt is shocked at how beautiful Ana is and her feisty nature.  Ana travels straight from Rome where she was on another shoot.  The designer, Alix (and Ana’s best friend) and his staff are to fly in from London the next day.  However, snow intervenes and no one can travel.  Ana is snowed in at Melville House for the duration. 

Cute Cover!

Those ensues a lot of sexual tension, kissing, making out, and sex.  Matt also gets to know a little about Ana (that her Mother is a selfish woman who only uses her daughter to advance her own career), Ana’s favorite book is Little Women, and she wants to design fashion.  Of course, there is a falling out between Ana and Matt (mostly Ana leaving thinking she was causing the family harm).  Then Ana and Matt come back together and live happily ever after at Melville House.

I did not feel that the book had a lot of plot.  It was mostly two people meeting, sexual tension, sex, break up, get back together, marry and have kids.  Reminded me Harlequin romances that I read when I was 14.  The author also use the words (I do not even think they should be considered words) "er" and "erm" voraciously (I lost cost after a while).  If you love sappy romances, then you will love this book.   It was just not my cup of tea.  I was provided a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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