Monday, November 10, 2014

Hope Street Church Mysteries - Book One

The Path of the Crooked
How is everyone today?  I have been on a reading frenzy and loving it.  One of the books that I just finished reading is the first book in A Hope Street Church Mysteries by Ellery Adams, The Path of the Crooked.
The Path of the Crooked is a Christian cozy mystery.  There is no foul language in this book (which I consider a bonus)!  Cooper Lee is having a rough time.  Her boyfriend of five years has broken up with her, she has had to move into an apartment over her parent’s garage, and her younger sister has gotten married.  Cooper is having trouble getting over the ex-boyfriend and moving on with her life.  Cooper is just going to work and coming home.   She works as a repair technician fixing copiers, printers, faxes, and laminators.  Cooper meets a nice lady, Brooke Hughes, while repairing a copier who gives her a brochure for Hope Street Church.   Cooper decides to visit the church and see if it is a fit for her.  Cooper ends up at the church early and finds herself in a Bible study group.  There are some interesting people in this group:  Savannah (the nearly blind folk artist), Jake, Bryant (a meteorologist), Trish (a real estate agent), Nathan (a web designer), Quinton, and more.  Cooper finds out that Brooke Hughes, who gave her the brochure for the Church, was murdered.  The evidence points to the husband, Wesley, as the murderer.   The Hughes’ were a loving couple according the Bible study group, and they decide to investigate to clear Wesley’s name.  They will not let an innocent man go to jail!  The book then follows the group as they go about clearing Wesley’s name.  Romance is also in the air for Cooper Lee and Nathan.  I hope you will check out this delightful book and the other books in this series.  I was provided a free copy of the book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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