Sunday, November 16, 2014

I'm Dreaming of an Undead Christmas

I'm Dreaming of an Undead Christmas by Molly Harper is a wonderful book.  I was so delighted when I received a copy of the book to review by NetGalley.  I have read the whole series and could not wait to read this book.  It is a short book (novella) and easy to read within an hour or two.  The book revolves around Gigi who is coming home from college for Christmas.  Gigi is the younger sister of Iris, who was just married and turned into a vampire.  Their "family" is a unique mixture of vampire friends.  Jane is my favorite.  I love that she is even more accident prone than I am.  I mean she lights her arms on fire with birthday candles (not good if you are a vampire).

Gigi is having to adjust to her sister's new nocturnal schedule, heavy duty sun shades on the windows, and lights that can only be turned on with a security code.  She has also Cal, her new brother-in-law, who is very protective of her.  He makes sure that she has martial arts lessons, vampire mace, and a super-duper pink stun gun!  Iris wants Gigi to have a "normal" Christmas.  I do not think that is possible even if they were all human, but with 99% of the family vampires who cannot eat food, forget it.  But Iris gives it a good try with candy making, cutting down their own Christmas tree, and decorating the house.  Also, Iris' attempts to keep Gigi was getting further involved with the vampire community and council are futile.  This book will have you laughing until you cry.  I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!  Looking forward to her next book coming out in 2015 (so long to wait). Happy Reading!


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