Friday, November 13, 2015

Crowned and Moldering

It is World Kindness Day!  A day to be kind to others and help create a kinder and more compassionate world.  That is such a lovely thought. Today I am going to remember my father with great kindness and much love.  My father, Gene F. Anderson, passed away last night.  He was such a wonderful man.  While I was growing up, I did not get to know my father very well.  He was always busy working (or watching sports). When I bought the house for us fifteen years ago, I got to spend more time with him.  I am glad that I had the last few years to really spend time with him and get to hear his stories.

Crowned and Moldering by Kate Carlisle is the third book in A Fixer Upper Mystery seriesShannon Hammer lives in Lighthouse Cove, California and is a building contractor.  Shannon specializes in Victorian home renovations and rehabs.  Shannon took over the company five years previously after her father had a heart attack (just a mild one).  Shannon is getting ready to start on MacKintyre Sullivan’s new home.  He purchased a beautiful Queen Anne Victorian (though it does not have the beautiful gingerbread work) near the lighthouse.  Shannon is doing a walk through with Mac and a few of her workers.  They are investigating the dumb waiter when it collapses and falls into the basement.  Shannon looks down and sees bones.  Looks like Shannon has found another body!

Police Chief Eric Jensen (who is very handsome and single) is called to the scene.  He knows it is useless to warn Shannon not to investigate (though he does try).  The deceased turns out to be Lily Brogan.  Lily is Sean Brogan’s older sister (Sean works for Shannon on her crew).  Lily disappeared fifteen years ago and Sean has never stopped looking for her.  Lily was in her senior year of high school (in the spring) when she disappeared.  Who wanted to do away with this beautiful young woman?  While investigating the murder of Lily, Shannon’s business rival, Cliff Hogarth, ends up dead (after she had a big blow out with him).  Is Cliff’s murder related to Lily’s?  The list of people who wanted Cliff death turns out to be quite lengthy (he had made a lot of enemies since he returned to Lighthouse Cover from Chicago).  Will Shannon be able to solve the crimes before she becomes the next victim?

Crowned and Moldering was a great cozy mystery.  The characters are enjoyable and easy to like (and relate to).  The town of Lighthouse Cove sounds beautiful, and I like that Shannon is restoring a beautiful historic Victorian home (near a lighthouse).  Something I was keen on was that the author portrayed Shannon as a smart and strong woman (to many books lately have portrayed women as ditzy and bumbling).  I enjoyed that the mystery was complex and difficult to solve (though I did figure out who was the killer).  Crowned and Moldering is the third book in A Fixer Upper Mystery series, but it can easily be read by itself (without having enjoyed the other two books in the series).  I give Crowned and Moldering 5 out of 5 stars (because I just loved it).  I cannot wait for the next book in A Fixer Upper Mystery series

The first two books in A Fixer Upper Mystery series are A High-End Finish and This Old Homicide.  I received a complimentary copy of Crowned and Moldering from the author (I am a member of Kate’s Raters) in exchange for an honest review.

I am currently reading Death Before Decaf by Caroline Fardig (it comes out on November 17).  I hope everyone has a great Friday evening. Take care and Happy Reading!

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