Monday, November 2, 2015

Fangs for the Memories

Fangs for the Memories by Molly Harper is the latest book in the Half-Moon Hollow series.  It is the story of how Andrea Byrne and Dick Cheney (the vampire) became a couple.  Andrea Byrne is a blood surrogate for vampires in the area (you can only drink so much bottled blood).   Andrea is not interested in a relationship and keeps pushing Dick away.  Andrea had a bad experience with a vampire in college that has affected her whole life.  Will Dick be able to get past Andrea’s defenses?  Will Andrea be able to look past Dick’s manners and inappropriate t-shirts? 

Fangs for the Memories will keep you laughing!  I just loved this unique and quirky short story.  We get to see a different side of Dick as he helps out Andrea (spoilers).  I give Fangs for the Memories 5 out of 5 stars.  I like that it was included in the series, but it did not repeat a lot of information from the other novels.  We get to see a different perspective of Zeb and Jolene’s wedding (which is just hilarious).  I love the setting, the characters, the great, snarky comments, and the uniqueness of this novel (and the series).  In order to understand Fangs for the Memories, you really do need to read the other books in the series (you will want to read them).  The next book in the series is Where the Wild Things Bite. It will be released on July 26, 2016 (subject to change).

The other books in the Half-Moon Hollow series are The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires, Driving Mr. Dead, A Witches Handbook of Kisses and Curses, The Undead in My Bed, I'm Dreaming of an Undead Christmas (it is just wonderful to read), The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire, and The Single Undead Moms Club.  If you enjoy these novels, check out Molly Harper's website.   I received a complimentary copy of Fangs for the Memories from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I am off to enjoy dinner and finish reading The Girl from the Train by Irma Joubert.  I am a little behind on my reading (which is going to drive me batty) because I have been sick for a few days.  It started off as severe migraines (this is the only time I do not read) and lead into sore throat (which means I am losing my voice) and runny nose.  It is just lovely! I hope everyone else is doing well. Make sure to take care and Happy Reading!

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