Friday, November 20, 2015

Yappy Hour

Happy Absurdity Day!  I am not kidding (I could not make these things up)!  And to be contradictory it is also Beautiful Day!  So go out and have a beautifully, absurd day or an absurdly, beautiful day!  Take you pick! 

Yappy Hour by Diana Orgain is a new cozy mystery novel.  Maggie has just moved to Pacific Cove, California.  Maggie was a financial advisor in New York.  She has applied for a position with Riviera Cruise Line which is new to the area.  Two reasons Maggie moved to Pacific Cove were her sister, Rachel, and her Uncle Ernest (aka Grunkly).  Maggie gets a text message from her sister asking her to watch the bar The Wine and Bark for a few days.  Rachel does not give her any other information (like who will be the bartender since Maggie has no experience, what type of food she serves, etc.).  Maggie heads over to the bar and finds it open.  She enters and finds Yolanda (a local woman who makes handbags shaped like animals and are extremely ugly but expensive) standing over a man on the floor.  Dan Walters, manager of DelVecchio’s (the restaurant next door) is dead on the floor. 

Officer Brad Brooks is the police officer assigned to the case.  Since Rachel left town very suddenly (just broke up with Dan and he was trying to close down her bar), she is an immediate suspect.  Maggie wants to prove that Rachel could not have committed the crime (and find out where she went).  Will Maggie be able to keep Rachel out of jail?

I found Yappy Hour to be slightly idiotic (I am just being truthful).  Maggie is a contradiction.  We are told that she was in finance in New York (had a high paying job until the economy tanked), but she acts like a bumbling idiot (and I mean that she is lacking in intelligence and reasoning skills) throughout most of the book.  The sight of a hunky man renders her speechless (several times throughout the book).  The most interesting character in the book was Uncle Ernest.  He was fun and entertaining.  He keeps everything (a hoarder), likes to bet on horse races (horses that do not win), and is very friendly.  I did, though, like the mystery in the book.  We did not get a lot of clues (instead we got talk of food and romance), but I liked that the murder was not easy to solve (I did solve it, but not until I was about halfway through the book).  I give Yappy Hour 3 out of 5 stars (satisfactory or okay).  I just think it needs a little work (like not making Maggie—a college graduate—out to be moronic). 

A series that I do enjoy by Diana Orgain is Maternal Instincts Mystery series.  Check out Diana Orgain's page on Amazon for other books she has written.  I received a complimentary copy of Yappy Hour from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I am currently reading Death Comes to Kurland Hall by Catherine Lloyd. I hope everyone has a nice and safe Friday evening.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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