Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Casquette Girls

The beginning of Thanksgiving week.  Today is Go for a Ride Day!  Think outside the box.  If you live where there is snow, think about taking a sleigh ride.  If you live in Florida, you can go for a ride on a jet ski!  The idea is to slow down a little and take a break before the chaos of the holidays.

The Casquette Girls by Arly Arden is a young adult paranormal romance story and the first book in The Casquette Girls Series.  Adele Le Moyne (just turned sixteen) is returning home to New Orleans with her father after being away for two months.  They had to evacuate the state (Louisiana) when a big hurricane came through the area and then stalled causing considerable damage.   Adele was sent to live with her mother, Brigitte Dupre in Paris (who put her in a boarding school) while her father, Macalister (Mac) Le Moyne worked in Miami.  They do not know what they will find when they return to their home and the bar that her father owns. 

After arriving home strange things start happening to Adele.  She can move metal items with her mind.  What is going on?  She then finds a journal of her ancestor Adeline Saint Germain that provides some needed information along with some new friends who have some interesting abilities.  Adele and her new friends are going to have to work together to battle the vampires that have invaded New Orleans (and are killing off the citizens of the city).  Will these three teenagers be able to battle the evil in their community? 

I enjoyed The Casquette Girls.  It is a long novel, but once you get involved in the book you do not notice.  Some sections are a little slow (especially when Adele is ogling the handsome vampire), but I enjoyed how the author tied the past (Adele’s ancestor) to the present.  Some things are a little predictable (like the truth about Adele’s mother—I could see that coming from the very beginning—sorry I do not want to spoil your reading pleasure), but overall The Casquette Girls is a good book to read.  I give The Casquette Girls 4 out of 5 stars.  The writing is good, but Adele’s temper (which always seemed to be out of control) really got on my nerves after a while.  I also enjoyed this author’s paranormal take on the young girls (click on link for more information) who came from France with their casquettes (small chests filled with their belongings).  While this is a young adult novel, I think it can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.  I will be watching for more books from Arlys Arden.

The Casquette Girls is available on Kindle Unlimited (which is a great and affordable program).  You can follow Arlys Arden on Amazon to get updates on her books.  I received a complimentary copy of The Casquette Girls from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I am currently reading Yarned and Dangerous by Sadie Hartwell (and loving it).  I am off to the grocery store.  I hope all of you have a wonderful Sunday.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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