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Cat with a Clue

Welcome back!  Do you enjoy Christian cozy mysteries?  They are like regular cozy mysteries but have a light Christian element. Guideposts has a few delightful series that I have thoroughly enjoyed.  Miracles of Marble Cove, Patchwork Mystery Series, Secrets of Mary's Bookshop, Mysteries of Silver Peak, and Secrets of Blue Hill Library Mystery Series are ones that I have read and enjoyed.  Their latest series is Sugar Creek Amish Mystery Series. You can get the books in hard cover or ebook formats (they have a version for Kindles) for some of the series (just check the site). You can buy each book individually or sign up for the series (that's me)! I hope you find some new books to add to your TBR pile!

Cat with a Clue by Laurie Cass is the fifth in A Bookmobile Cats Mystery series.  Minnie Hamilton is the interim Director of the Chilson Public Library since the director left for a better position.  She is still driving the bookmobile as well.  Minnie arrives two hours early for work to get ahead and starts by shelving books.  Minnie is naturally reading while walking to the shelves (and not watching where she is going) and stumbles.  She looks down to find the body of a woman with a knife sticking out of her.  Minnie immediately calls 911 from the reference department phone.  The Chilson Police Department Chief of Police is happy to turn the case over to Detective Inwood and Ash Wolverson (who is training to be a detective).  Minnie is happy to see Ash and get a little comfort (he is her boyfriend which is mentioned frequently throughout the novel).  The woman is Andrea Vennard who is related to Talia Dekeyser who just passed away.  Why was Andrea in the library after hours?  Minnie knows this will cast a pall over the library and make patrons (as well as staff) a little afraid of her beloved library.  Minnie cannot let this happen and is determined to find the killer.  Then the Friends of the Library sale room is broken into and disturbed.  Nothing seems to have been taken, but it is hard to tell (they do not keep records).  After the local antique store is broken into, Minnie begins to notice the pattern.  The killer is looking for (spoiler)!  Minnie just has to find out what (spoiler) they are looking for and find it before the culprit.  The staff at the library is trying to get Minnie to apply to be the permanent director of the library.  But Minnie is not sure she wants the responsibility full-time.  After the board interviews each candidate, the pressure is increased.  Will Minnie apply for the position?

Cat with a Clue is a cute story.  Minnie was a little too spacey (instead of quirky) in this novel (more than normal).  She seemed to always be walking, wandering, or riding her bike and not paying attention.  Her employees even commented that she seemed to have checked out at work.  The book is nicely written and easy to read.  But I found more of the book devoted to Minnie talking to her cat, Eddie, than to the mystery.  The mystery was not complicated (I kept hoping for a curveball) and I knew who did it as soon as the character was introduced.  I give Cat with a Clue 3 out of 5 stars (it was okay).  I have read all the books in the series and Cat with a Clue is my least favorite.  I just expected more.  While Cat with a Clue is the fifth book in A Bookmobile Cats Mystery series, it can be read alone.  The author updates the reader on Minnie’s background (how she came to the town, opened bookmobile, etc.).  There is some romance in the book.  Aunt Frances being squired about by Otis Bingham and Minnie dating Ash (we get details on their dates—kayaking, water skiing, etc.).  Will I read the next book in this series?  Probably.  I hope that there will be character development and a more complex mystery.  We need more development of Minnie’s character.  It is time for her to stop daydreaming (she can still daydream some) and decide what she wants (her work goals and maybe a permanent home). 

The other novels in A Bookmobile Cats Mystery series are Lending a Paw (currently $1.99 on Amazon), Tailing a Tabby, Borrowed Crime, and Pouncing on Murder. You can follow Laurie Cass on Amazon as well as Facebook and get updates on her latest releases. I received a complimentary copy of the novel in exchange for an honest review.  The comments and opinions expressed are strictly my own.

Thank you for visiting!  I will return tomorrow with Where Hope Prevails by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan.  May all of you have a nice, relaxing evening (we can hope).  Take care and Happy Reading!

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