Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Homeschooling Can Be Murder

Welcome!  I hope everyone has had a good Wednesday. I wanted to share some Christian cozy mysteries that are aimed at adults with you today.  You can purchase them from Guideposts and on Amazon (They are significantly less expensive if you purchase them on Amazon than through Guideposts).  Patchwork Mysteries, Mystery and the Minister's Wife series, Tales from Grace Chapel Inn (wonderful series), Church Choir Mysteries, Secrets of the Blue Hill Library, and Mysteries of Silver Peak.  They are all delightful to read (I just love them).  You should take the time to check them out on Amazon (available in hardcover only). 

Homeschooling Can Be Murder by Susan Lyttek is a Christian cozy mystery, and the first book in A Talbott Family Mystery series. Jeanine Talbott is married to James Talbott who is in the army.  James has gotten his order that they are moving to Gentle Springs.  Jeanine does not want to move and does everything possible to avoid it as long as possible.  She does not even go with James to pick out the new house (she lets him buy it alone—big mistake).  When Jeanine cannot delay any longer, she travels to her new home with her son, Justin (soccer tournament delayed them). That is when Jeanine finds out that James bought a house next to a cemetery.  Jeanine has a strong aversion to cemeteries and graveyards.  They have no sooner arrived when James is sent out of town on assignment.  Then the noises and lights start appearing every night in the cemetery.  They try the police, but they will no longer respond to calls from the house (because of the previous owner).  One morning Jeanine lets the dog out and he escapes the yard (someone left the gate open).  Jeanine and the children (Justin and Josie) find Jelly (the dog) in the cemetery guarding a dead body and Justin’s soccer bowl is nearby.  The problem is the person is newly deceased (the graveyard is no longer being used).  Who killed him and why was he left in the cemetery? 

Homeschooling Can Be Murder is a Christian cozy mystery that seems to be aimed more at tweens and young adults.  It is a cute but simple story.  It is easy to read and has a good pace.  I liked the goods in the book (better than the mother).  The book is a has too much religion for my tastes (it could be toned down).  I give Homeschooling Can Be Murder 3 out of 5 stars (it was okay).  A few things bothered me in the book.  The mother takes her children into the cemetery and lets them view a dead body (one kids touches it).  She lets them participate in the investigation (which leads to the children being in a dangerous situation).  What mother would do this (that is why I think this is book is aimed at a younger audience).  The mystery was the best part of the book.  It was easy to solve, but I liked the turn it took (treasure and tunnels).  I would definitely recommend this book for tweens.

You can check out Susan Lyttek other books on Amazon and get updates on her latest releases (by following her).  I received a complimentary copy of the novel in exchange for an honest evaluation.  The comments and opinions expressed are strictly my own!

I will be reviewing Fraying at the Edge by Cindy Woodsmall tomorrow.   I hope all of you have a delightful and relaxing evening (I cannot wait to sit down and relax).  I am currently reading A Catered Tea Party by Isis Crawford.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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