Saturday, August 6, 2016

Skinny Dipping with Murder

I hope everyone is having a sunny Saturday.  We certainly deserve some sun after all the rain (every day it rains).  I thought I would tell you about Misty Manor by Linda Rawlins today.  It is a new cozy mystery that looks like it will be good (I read the sample and then purchased it).  I have added it to my TBR pile.  You should get a sample and see if Misty Manor will appeal to you.

Skinny Dipping with Murder by Auralee Wallace is An Otter Lake Mystery novel.  Erica Bloom is returning home at her mother’s request.   Her mother, Summer needs a favor to help save her business.  Summer hosts retreats for women.  The latest retreat is “Earth, Moon, and Stars” where women get in touch with a person’s inner goddess.  Erica has not been home in eight years because she was the victim of a practical joke that left her feeling humiliated.  The three “Fluffateers” were responsible for the prank.  Tommy (leader and cousin to Grady Forrestor, local sheriff), Dickie, and Harry are the members of the group.   Erica has barely unpacked her suitcase when Dickie Morrison is found dead.  He is at the bottom of a well impaled on a weenie skewer (what a way to go).  Sheriff Grady Forrestor immediately suspects Erica of killing Dickie.  When Harry Drummond pops up dead, Erica is really in the hot seat.  Erica needs to find the real killer before Grady locks her up (not that Erica would mind spending a little alone time with Grady).  Who is killing off the fluffateers and why now?  Looks like Erica will be sticking around Otter Lake a little longer than planned.

I found Skinny Dipping with Murder to be a moronic book (just being truthful).  It was just to over-the-top with nonsense to be enjoyable (at least for me).  The mystery was so simple.  I solved it right away (the killer was so obvious).  The novel is easy to read and had a good pace (that is it for my compliments).  I found Erica Bloom (the main character) to be infantile, and she had severe anger management issues.  I also got tired of her admiring the local sheriff (his bulging biceps, handsome thighs, etc.).  I do not believe I am the right audience for this book.  I give Skinny Dipping with Murder 2 out of 5 stars. 

The second novel in An Otter Lake Mystery series is Pumpkin Picking with Murder and it will be out on August 30.  I received a complimentary copy of the novel in exchange for an honest evaluation.  The comments and opinions expressed are strictly my own.

Thank you for stopping by.  I will be back later with my review of Land of Milk and Honey by Jane Jensen.  I have to run a few errands first.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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