Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Mother's Love: A new novel by Charlotte Hubbard

I hope everyone is having a lovely and relaxing Sunday.  It is a chance for you to recharge your batteries before a new week begins.  Heather Sunseri has a new book coming out on April 4.  It is titled Cut in Darkness and it is the second book in the In Darkness series.  Exposed in Darkness is the first book in the series and is currently $2.99 on Amazon.  

A Mother’s Love is the newest book by Amish author Charlotte Hubbard.  Rose Raber lives in Cedar Creek with her daughter, Gracie and her mother, Lydia.  The previous summer Rose lost her father, Myron and her husband, Nathan in a fire at their mill.  Now, Rose is losing her mother.  Lydia’s cancer has returned after thirty years.  The chemo was ineffective this time and Lydia is dying.  Her mother has one last bit of information to share with Rose before she passes on.  She tells Rose about a stationery box in her dresser that has letter addressed to Rose.  Rose reads the letters and discovers that she is adopted.  Her birth mother, Roseanne was sixteen when she discovered herself with child and her aunt, Nettie found Lydia.  Lydia was unable to have children due to the cancer treatments.  A second letter tells Rose that Roseanne (now Anne) is being courted by a good man, but he is unaware of her past.  She asks Rose to not look for her and Bishop Gingerich agrees.  Rose and Gracie are at the mercantile when they bump into Matthias Wagler, a widower, who is opening a harness shop in nearby Morning Star. Rose is lucky to find a cooking position at Morning Star Senior Center.  Rose and Matthias spend more time together (thanks to Gracie), and she confides in him about her birth mother.  In Anne’s letter, she had mentioned that Saul Hartzler was courting her.  Matthias is aware of Saul and the Hartzler Carriage Company in Morning Star.  One day Anne Hartzler walks into the senior center and meets Rose.  Rose lost one mother, but she is getting a chance to know the woman who gave birth to her.  It a town as small as Morning Star it is inevitable that Saul runs into Rose and Gracie when he is out with Anne and his mother.  What happens when a thirty-year-old secret springs forth disrupting several lives?  To see what happens, pick up A Mother’s Love.

A Mother’s Love is well-written and is an engaging novel.  I found A Mother’s Love to be an emotional novel (you might need to keep a tissue handy).  I give A Mother’s Love 4 out of 5 stars.  I did have a little trouble with Gracie.  She is a gregarious and active child who can easily get on a person’s nerves (she would wear me out in less than thirty minutes).  She comes across as a little spoiled (of course, I am sure my Doozy does too).  Her mother gives her what she wants and Gracie does not seem to get punished when she eavesdrops on adult conversations (she snuck out of bed).  You just know that this child is going to spill the secret (small children cannot keep secrets).  A Mother’s Love is full of activity.  It is amazing at how much the author packed into one novel.  I thought A Mother’s Love has several good messages.  They include that none of us are perfect (all of us have flaws), God has a plan for our lives, good things come to those that wait (aka God’s timing not our own).  We see how important it is to forgive a person, to have love in our lives, and the importance of faith.  The ending is very special and leaves a person with a good feeling in their heart.  I liked A Mother’s Love and look forward to reading more Charlotte Hubbard books in the future.  

A Mother's Love will be released on Tuesday, March 28.  Thank you for your visit.  I am going to go relax and enjoy the day.  I will see you when I return to do another book review.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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