Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Cherry Cake and a Cadaver: A Lily Gayle Lambert Mystery

Welcome!  Can you believe it is Wednesday?  Cherry Cake and a Cadaver is the second book in A Lily Gayle Lambert Mystery series. The first book in the series is Death of a Wolfman.  Cherry Cake and a Cadaver will be out on March 31 and is available for pre-order on Amazon (as well as iTunes and Barnes and Noble). You can follow Susan Boles on Amazon and Facebook.

Cherry Cake and a Cadaver by Susan Boles is the second book in A Lily Gayle Lambert Mystery series.  Lily Gayle Lambert lives in Mercy, Mississippi.  Recently some out of towners purchased the old Mitchell Manor and are turning it into a bed and breakfast.  The house has undergone massive renovations and is being renamed The Midnight Dragonfly.  The gossip hotline is on fire as people speculate on the new owners and what the inside will look like.   The new proprietors will be holding a party to unveil the house, but Lily Gayle does not wish to wait.  She convinces her friend, Dixie Newsom to sneak a peek in the windows.  Because of the blinds, Lily Gayle cannot see anything.  Dixie wishes to leave, but Lily Gayle moves around to the back of the house where she discovers the back door is slightly open.  Lily Gayle considers this an invitation to go in and explore.  In the kitchen, the pair are in for shock when they find local baker, Luxen Natolovish dead on the floor.  Dixie calls Sheriff Ben Carter while Lily Gayle checks out the scene of the crime (and maybe snaps a few pictures).  Lily Gayle starts inquiring about Luxen’s background.  She wonders why someone would wish to harm him.  Then Bobby Moore, local bad boy, approaches Lily Gayle about the disappearance of his mother, Rikki.  He is worried about her and refuses to contact the sheriff. Bobby wants Lily Gayle to find her.  Is Rikki’s disappearance related to Luxen’s murder?  How do the new owners of The Midnight Dragonfly fit into this puzzle?  Can Lily Gayle untangle this mystery and find Rikki? Join Lily Gayle on her latest investigation in Cherry Cake and a Cadaver!

Cherry Cake and a Cadaver is best enjoyed after reading Death of a Wolfman.  Information from the first book is alluded to but not fully explained.  I wish the author had taken the time to provide some background on Lily Gayle (like her occupation) for readers who are new to the series and a reminder for others.  Cherry Cake and a Cadaver is a light, humorous novel.  It has a good pace and can easily be finished in a couple of hours (or less).  I found this story to be more cozy than mystery.  Readers get to find out about the various shops in town as well as the citizens.  In addition, we find out why Harley Ann has come to Mercy to live with her aunt, Miss Edna.  I was intrigued about the refugee camp mentioned in the book.  I discovered that there are pictures available online.  I give Cherry Cake and a Cadaver 3 out of 5 stars.  I do wish that more time had been spent on the mystery and that it was more complex.  Readers will be able to easily solve the whodunit. I felt that the ending was a little rushed.   You could tell that the author was trying to wrap up the story.  There are recipes included at the end of the book including the one for the cherry cake mentioned in title.  Cherry Cake and a Cadaver is a humorous, short story that is sure to liven up your afternoon.  Cherry Cake and a Cadaver will be published on Friday, March 31!

Thank you for visiting and reading my latest book review.  I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.  I will be back on Thursday to tell you about When Grits Hit the Fan by Maddie Day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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