Friday, March 3, 2017

More Than A Marriage: A Quilting Circle Novella

It's Friday!  I am featuring Amy Lillard's A Quilting Circle Novella series. The first two books in the series are More Than Friendship and More Than A Promise.  The books are set in Wells Landing, Oklahoma where the Amish ride around on tractors during the week and use their buggies on Sunday.  

More Than A Marriage by Amy Lillard is A Quilting Circle Novella.  Tess Smiley has been married to her husband, Jacob for three years.  This last year they moved from Clarita to Wells Landing, Oklahoma where the land is not as expensive.  Tess is now three hours away from her family, and she does not get to visit them as often as she would like.  Jacob has taken a job with A-1 Roofing and works long hours.  When Jacob is not working, he is on his work phone.  Tess looks forward to Jacob coming home, but, he spends all his spare time playing with his phone.  He even has a Facebook account.  Tess has yet to become pregnant, but she has her goats.  They are her babies.  Tess sells their raw goat milk and also makes it into lotions, soap, and cheese.  She puts the money aside to help them purchase the farm of their dreams.  Jacob sees things differently from Tess.  He thoroughly dislikes her goats.  He is sick of them escaping from their pen (they would quit if he built them a proper enclosure).  After escaping again, Jacob tells Tess that he is selling the goats.  Jacobs (this is a big mistake) states he is the head of the household and it is his decision. Frustrated and unhappy, Tess packs her belongings and leaves.  She only intends to spend one night with nearby neighbors, and then head home to her parents.  The kindly neighbors try to bring Jacob and Tess back together.  Is there a chance for Jacob and Tess’s marriage?

More Than A Marriage is a well-written novella with a good life lesson for all couples.  Before computers, cell phones, tablets, and computer games, families used to talk and spend time together.  Communication is important to all relationships, but especially with couples.  It was interesting to see both sides of the argument.  I liked how the author showed us how Jacob and Tess felt.  In addition, I liked seeing how modern technology affects an Amish family.  I give More Than A Marriage 4 out of 5 stars.  I thought the novella was just the right length for the storyline.  The book is easy to read with a good flow.  I appreciated the characters and it was nice to get an update on the characters from the previous novels.  The ending is expected, but it is heartwarming.  More Than A Marriage can be read as a stand-alone story.   I look forward to returning to Wells Landing soon courtesy of Amy Lillard.

I hope everyone has happy Friday.  I have errands to run today.  I am currently reading The Illusionist's Apprentice by Kristy Cambron (not sure about this one).  Please return tomorrow when I review Treasured Grace by Tracie Peterson.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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