Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Desired in Darkness: In Darkness Series

Welcome!  A Grave Issue by Lillian Bell will be published on February 13 along with Words From the Heart by Kathleen Fuller.  I am featuring Heather Sunseri today.    She is the author of the In Darkness series, The Mindspeak series and Emerge series.  You can follow Ms. Sunseri on Amazon, Goodreads and Bookbub.  

Desired in Darkness by Heather Sunseri is the fifth book in the In Darkness series.  Brooke Fairfax is engaged to Declan O’Roark, and she is looking forward to a wonderful future with him.  The only thing standing in the way of their happily-ever-after is Romeo aka Woodford Clay Harrison.  Romeo is proving to be elusive.  Brooke’s parents are throwing the couple an engagement party at their home in Virginia. Romeo strikes during the party leaving a dead body and ruined wedding dresses behind.  Brooke is determined to catch him while Romeo is set on having Brooke for himself.  Declan’s attentions get diverted when his brother arrives along with a woman from Declan’s past who will cause nothing but more grief for the engaged couple.  If he diverts his attention to take care of this problem, Declan will not be there to protect Brooke.  What will it take to catch Romeo?

Desired in Darkness is a fast-paced novel that will have you riveted to the edge of your seat.  Readers finally gets answers to the questions we have had since the first book in the series.  The revelations will amaze you.  It was nice to get to know more about Declan and his past in this installment as well as a little more about Brooke’s relationship with her mother.  Desired in Darkness is not a standalone.  The books in the In Darkness series need to be read in order.  The characters are well-developed, and they continue to evolve in each book.  They are very real in this gritty story.  I do wish the intimate scenes were not so descriptive and that there were fewer of them (just my personal feelings on the matter).  At the end of the book I was left wondering what is going to happen next.  I would love to say more, but I do not want to spoil it for you.  

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