Sunday, May 27, 2018

Heart of the Witch: Witches of Keating Hollow

Good Day!  I have spent the last few days putting a new kitty condo set together for my cats.  It is a deluxe model that reaches the ceiling, has a house, hammocks, circles, landing pads, ladders, etc.  I barely had the first section put into the place, and the cats were on it.  They only leave it when they have to now.  Here are a couple of close up photos (ignore the dirty glass on the sliding doors--they keep pressing their noses on it).

 Heart of the Witch by Deanna Chase is the second tale in Witches of Keating Hollow series.  Noel Townsend lives in Keating Hollow, California with her six-year-old daughter, Daisy.  Noel runs the Keating Hollow Inn and is an air witch.  Three years ago, Noel’s husband, Xavier left without a word and she has not heard from him since.  Daisy has not gotten over Xavier leaving and continues to have nightly anxiety attacks.  Deputy Drew Baker has been attracted to Noel, but he has been hesitant to change their friendship.  Then a call comes in that Xavier has been spotted in the area.  Drew is determined to find him and provide closure for Noel and Daisy.  Why did Xavier leave his family three years prior?  Drew hopes that once the door closes on the past, Noel can open a window to a future that includes Drew. 

Heart of the Witch is a well-written and engaging novel.  While Heart of the Witch can be read alone, I recommend reading Soul of the Witch first.  It lays the foundation for the series.  We get to catch up with Abby, Clay, Yvette as well as Lin Townsend.  We see how everyone is moving forward with their lives and how Lincoln is handling is treatments.  Lin gives Daisy a puppy which adds to the family chaos (and cute factor).   They are a close-knit family who love each other and are there for each other (supportive in good times and bad).  I found the golf carts and the races hilarious.  I would not mind having one myself decked out in my favorite colors (red and blue).  The book has a steady pace and there are smooth transitions between sections.  The story is told from Noel and Drew’s POV.  I like getting to see things from both of their point of views (men and women see things very differently).  There is mild foul language in the story (just to let you know).  I am rating Heart of the Witch 4 out of 5 stars.  Deanna combined magic, mystery, family, and romance into one enchanting story in Heart of the Witch.

Thank you for stopping by today.  I am going to discuss A Last Goodbye by Dee Yates tomorrow.  Be prepared to get swept back to World War I on a sheep farm in Scotland.  I hope you have a restful day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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