Friday, May 11, 2018

Just in Time: A Novel by Marie Bostwick

Good Day! The Hope Jar by Wanda E. Brunstetter comes out on August 7.  It is the first book in The Prayer Jars series.  The First Love by Beverly Lewis will be released on September 4.  The Christmas Remedy by Cindy Woodsmall and Erin Woodsmall will be published on October 23.  I have added all three to my wish list (to give a hint to my family for Amazon gift cards).  

Just in Time by Marie Bostwick takes readers to Portland, Oregon.  Grace Saunders is looking for a support group, but none of them are the right fit for her or her situation.  Grace meets Nan Wilja and Monica Romano who are also looking for a different type of support group situation.  The three of them form their own support group that meets each Monday night.  They are helping each other move on and the three women became more than friends.  Grace’s husband, Jamie is in a permanent vegetative state.  Monica’s husband died in a boating accident with his girlfriend and she is left to run his restaurant as well as raise his children.  Nan has been widowed for twenty years, but now her children are out of the house which leaves it very quiet despite her dogs.  While visiting with Jamie in the evenings, Grace works on a memory quilt.  Each block represents Jamie and their relationship.  One evening, Monica sets up Grace with Luke Pascal (she tricks her).  Luke is a lawyer turned furniture craftsman.  Grace is attracted to Luke (and he makes her smile), but she feels that she cannot move on while Jamie is still alive.  Each of these women must work to overcome their grief, heartaches and fears.  It is time to move forward with their lives and with each other’s encouragement, they can get their second chance at happiness.

Just in Time is nicely written and has a good pace.  It is a lovely story about three women that are ready to move forward, but they each need support (compassion, comfort, encouragement).  These women have loved and lost.  We follow them as they work through grief and heartache to get a second chance at having a joyful future.  I liked the inclusion of the dog rescue, Rainbow Gate in the story and the therapy dogs.  I did, though, feel that Just in Time was predictable.  Why do the women have to have a man in their lives to be fulfilled?  I would love to see a something different (a better role model for the younger generation).  Just in Time is a heartwarming story about women getting a second opportunity.  Grace’s story was the dominant one, and I felt that the business world was portrayed realistically.  Grace’s company is bought out and in order for her to keep her job, she is required to do twice the work along with working long hours (she needs her job for the insurance for Jamie).  I wish the quilting had been more prominent.  It was an aspect I wanted to see woven throughout the story.  I am giving Just in Time 3 out of 5 stars (it is okay).  Just in Time is not the author’s best work.  I have read all of her books, and I know she can do better (her Cobbled Court Quilt series is wonderful).  I keep hoping Ms. Bostwick will go back to what she does best. 

I appreciate you visiting today.  I will be sharing my thoughts on On the Hook by Betty Hechtman.  I hope you have a pleasant day.  I am off to play with my latest power tool (a nail gun--watch out people).  Take care and Happy Reading!

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