Monday, August 2, 2021

The Walnut Creek Wish by Wanda E. Brunstetter

 The Walnut Creek Wish

Book Summary

An Antique Store Becomes a Place of Healing for Broken Hearts
Welcome to Walnut Creek, Ohio, where Orley and Lois Troyer own an antique store they call “Memory Keepers.” Though knowledgeable in antiques and their repair, their real talent is in mentoring folks who are hurting and don’t even know it. Enter Jeff, a restaurateur, and Rhonda, a hotel manager, who recently moved to Amish country for the slow pace, but the change of scenery puts even more stress on their already strained marriage. Will an antique sled be the last straw, or will it lead to unexpected revelations and the fulfillment of dreams?

My Thoughts

The Walnut Creek Wish by Wanda E. Brunstetter is the first book in Creektown Discoveries series.  I enjoyed this special Amish tale from beginning to end.  I thought it was well-written with developed characters.  Orley and Lois Troyer own Memory Keepers Antique Store in Walnut Creek, Ohio where Rhonda and Jeff Davis relocate after finding their dream home.  Orley bonds with Jeff and has a way of getting Jeff to talk about what is troubling him.  Rhonda and Jeff’s marriage has been on a downward spiral for several years.  Rhonda yearns for a child, but she has been unable to get pregnant.  Both of them spend too much time working and little time with each other.  They hoped the move to Walnut Creek would give them a chance to slow down and have less stress in their lives.  Unfortunately, a series of events have made their lives more stressful.  Orley and Lois provide guidance and love plus pray for the couple.  The Walnut Creek Wish is an uplifting story.  Orley and Lois Troyer are great characters.  Orley is a hoot.  I love his zest for life and his upbeat attitude.  I thought the characters were realistic.  I also thought Jeff and Rhonda’s marital problems were representative of what couple’s experience today.  Rhonda is unable to become pregnant and the doctors cannot find a physical reason, stress from work, working long hours, and financial troubles (going into debt to purchase a home).  I like the blend of English and Amish.  I appreciated that there was an epilogue that nicely wrapped up Rhonda and Jeff’s tale.   My favorite phrase is, “. . . when I have a problem too difficult for me, I’ll remember that God is a just a simple prayer away.”  I was sorry for this sweet story to end, but I am looking forward to seeing who Orley and Lois help in the next Creektown Discoveries novelThe Walnut Creek Wish is a heartening story with singular treasures, financial failures, a stressful profession, a car commute, and sociable shop owners. 

The Walnut Creek Wish is out today.  You can find it on Amazon* as well as other major retailers.  You can find Wanda E. Brunstetter's other novels here.  The pictures I used today feature an antiques from a shop in Walnut Creek, Ohio.  The other shows a man cave.  I can imagine Jeff watching his television while thinking about new items to add to his collection.  I am looking forward to the next book in the Creektown Discoveries series.  Thank you for stopping by today.   I hope that you have an upbeat day.  I am going to relax and read today.  Tonight I am cooking  dinner on the grill (keep the house cool).  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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