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Her New Story by Laura Bradford

 Her New Story

Book Summary

From nationally bestselling author Laura Bradford comes a poignant, uplifting novel about a down-on-her-luck journalist whose less than ideal assignment to Pennsylvania's Amish country forces her to re-think her priorities, and her life...

Her New Story by Laura Bradford has Tess Baker, an investigative reporter for In Depth magazine, feeling less than friendly towards the world after discovering her husband of six months cheating on her with her best friend since childhood.  The only highlight in Tess’s life is the upcoming travel assignment disbursement.  Tess is hoping she will get a tropical destination.  Unfortunately, Tess had a front row spot to special moment between two celebrities and she did not even notice which lost the magazine a major coup.  Instead of a plane ticket to a tropical locale, Tess is handed a bus ticket to Pennsylvania.  Tess will spend the next month with an Amish family.  She is hoping to find a juicy story that will get her back in the good graces of her boss.  Murph, Tess’s mentor, wants Tess will find a way to go on living again and let go of the bitterness that is eating her alive.  What type of story will Tess uncover that will get her the notoriety she desires?

My Thoughts

Her New Story by Laura Bradford is a poignant story about healing, forgiveness, friendship, and hope.  I thought Her New Story was well-written with realistic characters.  Tess Baker, an investigative reporter with In Depth magazine, suffered a terrible betrayal when her husband cheated on her with her best friend.  I could feel Tess’s pain and understand her betrayal.  She has decided to trust no one but herself and to focus on work.  Tess’s new resolve is a little late after she misses a major story.  She is getting a last opportunity to prove her worth thanks to her mentor, Murph.  Blue Ball, Pennsylvania is not the destination Tess had in mind.  Tess had little knowledge of Amish before arriving in town.  Her assumptions about Amish show how little people really know about this group of people.  We get to see Tess immerse herself in the culture and learn about the truth about the Amish.  Her betrayal, though, colors her outlook.  I appreciated the epilogue at the end, but I wish it had been a tad longer.  I liked meeting Mildred, the woman Tess met on the bus on her way to Pennsylvania. It is a shame that Tess was not open to what Mildred was imparting.  I hope that Tess can be that woman someday.  I enjoyed the descriptions of the King farm and Blue Ball.  It sounds like a peaceful place that I would love to visit. Naomi King was a wise, caring woman with a large brood (Little Rueben was adorable).  Naomi had a wonderful group of friends who each taught a lesson to Tess.  I liked that we get to catch up with Danielle, Katie, Hannah, Emma and especially Miss Lottie.  I appreciated that we get Miss Lottie’s complete story.  It was interesting reading about the portable propane lamp.  I had never heard of such an item before this book.  Her New Story is a special tale with quilting quandaries, an abysmal betrayal, fine friends, a grumpy mentor, abominable muck, unanticipated assignment, and surprising results.  

Her New Story publishes Tuesday, August 31 and is is available from Amazon*.  Laura Bradford has A Plus One for Murder releasing December 7.  It is the debut of A Friend for Hire Mystery series.  I am looking forward to reading it.  You can find Laura Bradford's other novels here.  The pictures I used today show a "Dawdi Haus" attached to the main farm house and the portable propane lamp that is mentioned in Her New Story.  Thank you so much for stopping by today and reading my review.  Tomorrow I am featuring What the Cat Dragged In by Miranda James.  It is the 14th A Cat in the Stacks Mystery.  Diesel finds a gruesome discovery in the attic of a home Charlie inherits from his grandfather.  I hope that you have friendly day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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