Thursday, July 21, 2016

Among the Wicked

How is everyone this Thursday?  I had to run my mother to the doctor this morning (I had to get up so early--9 a.m.--the crack of dawn for me).  At least I got munchkins out of the deal (I love glazed munchkins).  Do you like contemporary or women's fiction novels?  I would like to recommend that you check out Sarah Jio. She writes wonderful novels that are engaging and interesting. Some of her novels are Goodnight June, Violets of March, Blackberry Winter, Morning Glory, and The Last Camellia.  If you get a chance, take a look.

Among the Wicked by Linda Castillo is the eighth book A Kate Burkholder Novel series.  Kate Burkholder is the chief of police in Painters Mill, Ohio.  Kate lives with her significant other, John Tomasetti who is also a state agent with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations.  John has two people who would like to meet with Kate.  Investigator Frank Betancourt and Deputy Superintendent Lawrence Bates from the BCI Division of the New York State Police.  They need someone with Kate’s background and experience (in other words they want Kate) to help them with a case.  There is a problem in an Amish community in Roaring Springs, New York.  The problems started with the new bishop, Eli Schrock.  A young Amish girl was found dead, but no one in the community will talk with the officers.  The officers suspect children are also being harmed, but they cannot get anyone to talk or get evidence.  They would like Kate to undercover into the community.  Kate grew up Amish (knows how to dress, the routines, etc.) and speaks the language.  She can join the community and find the answers they need.  John does not want Kate to take the assignment since she will be alone (without backup).  Kate cannot ignore people in danger and immediately starts making plans.  Kate joins the Amish community as a widow who needs a change and a less progressive Amish group.  Kate slowly makes friends and gathers information on what is happening in the Amish community of Roaring Springs.  But what happens when Kate tries to get solid evidence?  Will Kate make it back to Painters Mill and John alive?  You will have to read Among the Wicked to find out!

Among the Wicked is the best book in A Kate Burkholder Novel series (in my opinion).  There were so many twists and surprises as Kate delved deeper into the community.  There were a couple of slow places, but I was hooked (and stayed up late to finish the book).  I give Among the Wicked 4.5 out of 5 stars (I liked it).  I thought Among the Wicked was well-written and easy to read.  The reader is drawn into the story and hooked.  Kate can be very determined and stubborn, but that is what makes her a good police officer.  There is some extreme violence in the book (just a little warning).  While Among the Wicked is the eighth book in the series, it can be read as a stand-alone.  The author does a good job of letting the reader know the details about the characters (what has happened in the past novels).  I cannot wait for the next book in this series.

The other novels in A Kate Burkholder Novel series are Sworn to Silence, Pray for Silence, Breaking Silence, Gone Missing, Her Last Breath, The Dead Will Tell, and After the Storm.  I received a complimentary copy of Among the Wicked from NetGalley (and the publisher) in exchange for an honest evaluation of the novel.  The opinions and comments expressed are strictly my own.

It looks like I will have to wait to cook my dinner (cooking chicken on the grill).  It just starting pouring (heavy winds, thunder, lightening). Hopefully, it will go by quickly.  May all of you have a nice, relaxing evening.  Take care, stay safe, and Happy Reading!

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