Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Lady Unrivaled

Can you believe it is the last week in September already?  This month went by so very quickly.  I discovered some delicious chocolates the other day.  I love Russel Stover Pecan Clusters, but they are big.  Now they make mini ones.  You can get them wrapped or unwrapped.  The wrapped ones are better (look like the bigger versions).  The small ones are tasty, but are lacking in appearance (they look like something I would make).  If you like them, check them out at your local grocery store in the candy aisle.

A Lady Unrivaled by Roseanna M.White is the third book in Ladies of the Manor series.  Lady Ella Myerston wants to help her family with the matter of Fire Eyes.  Lady Ella needs to find more information on the red diamonds and gets herself an invite to the Cotswold’s.  Her friend has an extensive library and Lady Ella is sure she will find the information she is seeking.  Her brother has always protected Ella, but now Ella wishes to help him (since his wife is expecting).  Ella runs into Lord James Azerly, the Earl of Cayton.  He is staying nearby with his daughter, Addie at Anlic Manor.  James’ reputation proceeds him, but he has changed since the birth of daughter (and death of his wife).  Unfortunately, Lady Catherine “Kitty” Pratt, her brother, Rushworth, and Kitty’s maid Kira arrive.  Rushworth wants Fire Eyes and is willing to do anything to get them.  Lord Pratt, Kitty’s husband, had promised them a buyer and had even taken an advance payment for the diamonds.  Rushworth is pressuring James into helping him by using Lady Ella.  Unknowingly (at first), Lady Ella has the red diamonds and wears them in front of Rushworth.  Mayhem is sure to ensue at they try to keep the red diamonds out of Rushworth’s hands. 

I decided to describe the mystery and intrigue portion of the novel instead of the romance (which was very expected).  I found A Lady Unrivaled to have a slower pace than the first two novels in the series.  A Lady Unrivaled can be confusing if you have not read the first two books (The Lost Heiress and The Reluctant Duchess).  The book does contain the requisite, predictable romance.  Actually, more of the novel is devoted to the developing romance between Ella and James than to Fire Eyes.  The writing is good, but I found the ending to be anticlimactic.    I give A Lady Unrivaled 3.5 out of 5 stars (It was okay).  I just did not think A Lady Unrivaled was as enjoyable (interesting, entertaining) as the first two books in the series.  I did find the tale of Fire Eyes to be fascinating.

The first two books Ladies of the Manor series are The Lost Heiress and The Reluctant Duchess. You can follow Roseanna M. White on Amazon.  I received a complimentary copy of A Lady Unrivaled in exchange for an honest review.  The comments and opinions expressed are strictly my own. 

I hope you enjoyed my latest review.  There are some good shows on tonight.  Once Upon a  Time returns tonight (finally).  Masters of Sex, Chesapeake Shores, and the latest Signed, Sealed, and Delivered movie.  I hope you will visit again.  I am off to enjoy dinner and read The Murder of a Queen Bee by Meera Lester.  Have a good evening, take care, and Happy Reading!

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