Thursday, September 15, 2016

Pumpkin Picking with Murder

Hello!  Thank you for stopping by and reading my latest book review. Today was cookie day.  My mother needs her weekly fix of chocolate chip cookies and the dogs their peanut butter cookies (yes, I know they are spoiled rotten)!  I spent the rest of the day writing products reviews and doing chores around the house.  I received a lovely necklace in the mail today (to review).  I has a beautiful sparkle in the light!

Pumpkin Picking with Murder by Auralee Wallace is the second book in An Otter Lake Mystery series.  Erica Bloom is returning home to Otter Lake, New Hampshire for a visit.  She is looking forward to spending time with Grady Forrestor, boyfriend and local sheriff as well as enjoying the Otter Lake’s Fall Festival.  Unfortunately, their time together is cut short when they hear screaming at the fair.  They rush over to find Tweety (who is like an aunt to Erica) in a swan boat with Mr. Masterson exiting the tunnel of love.  The problem is Tweety is the only person still alive in the boat.  This is the end of Grady’s time off.  Erica knows that Tweety would never hurt anyone.  Erica teams up with her best friend, Freddie Ng (who doing security for the fair and thinking about becoming a private detective).  Erica is determined to find the real culprit for Tweety and to get to spend more time with Grady.  Will they succeed?  Join them for their hijinks in Pumpkin Picking with Murder.

Pumpkin Picking with Murder is easy to read, but I thought the author was trying too hard to be humorous.  It ends up coming across as just ridiculous.  It was one silly thing after another.  It seemed like every single person in this town was eccentric (Grady might be the only normal person).  The mystery can easily be solved.  One clue is the key (if you even need that).  Erica and Freddie run around town trying to solve the murder and they acted like two kids instead of adults.  It was one over-the-top thing after another through the whole book.  Pumpkin Picking with Murder was just not my type of book.  I wanted to give the series a second chance, but An Otter Lake Mystery series is just not for me.  I like books with the small town charm, engaging (likeable) characters, and a complex mystery.  I give Pumpkin Picking with Murder 3 out of 5 stars.  While this series is not my cup of tea, it will appeal to other readers.  I suggest you get a sample of the book to see if it appeals to you (for those of you with e-readers). 

The first book in An Otter Lake Mystery series is Skinny Dipping with Murder.  I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.  The comments and opinions expressed are strictly my own.

I am going to go cook my dinner and then relax.  May all of you have a nice, relaxing evening. I will be reviewing The Secret Ingredient of Wishes by Susan Bishop Crispell tomorrow.  I will be evaluating Christian fiction & Amish books over the weekend. Take care and Happy Reading!

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