Monday, November 6, 2017

Knit to Kill: A Black Sheep & Co. Mystery

Welcome Back!  A Spoonful of Magic by Irene Radford will be published on November 7.  The story of a kitchen witch and her "magical" family.

Knit to Kill by Anne Canadeo is the first book in A Black Sheep & Co. Mystery series (continuation of Black Sheep Knitting Mysteries).  The ladies are off to enjoy four days on Osprey Island, Maine before Lucy Binger gets married.  Suzanne Cavanaugh’s friend Amy has loaned them a cottage and they are looking forward to a relaxing few days.  The first night, Maggie has agreed to teach a knitting class to Amy’s knitting group.  They witness an argument between Dr. Julian Morton and Derek Pullman.  The next morning during yoga class, they hear sirens.  They find out that Dr. Morton was found dead on the rocks below the cliffs.  Evidence suggests that Julian was pushed to his death.  When Amy’s husband becomes Detective Dunbar’s prime suspect, the ladies discover that Julian had many enemies.  Can they untangle the clues and nab the killer before the end of their weekend?

Knit to Kill is technically the ninth book in the series.  I recommend reading the other books in the series prior to attempting Knit to Kill.  The full backstory (not even last names) of the main characters is not provided in Knit to Kill.  I found the majority of the book devoted to drinking, eating, walking, biking, knitting, talking, more eating, spa treatments, and swimming.  The mystery was a small portion of the story and it was unchallenging.  My rating for Knit to Kill is 3 out of 5 stars.  The killer’s identity can be discerned before Dr. Morton’s body is discovered below the cliffs.  With a lack of action, I found that the story dragged.  I wish there had more investigation and less speculation (and rehashing).  There is a recipe for French toast (mentioned in the book) at the end of the book along with a shawl pattern.  Knit to Kill is a light, breezy cozy mystery that will appeal to many readers.

Thank you for visiting.  I will return tomorrow with another book evaluation.  Before I close--What do you call a running turkey?  Fast food!  May each of you have a remarkable day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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  1. Just finished reading Knit To Kill. I really enjoyed the earlier books and was happy to learn that the stories revolving around these ladies' friendships would continue. However,it didn't take long for me to feel as though the author was working harder at filling the pages, than developing an interesting plot. Kris mentioned that no background was given on the ladies. All we know is that Lucy was engaged the previous summer. Where were the mini-biographies included in the other books? Also, I'd have preferred some mention of changing the name of Maggie's knitting shop, as the book began. Maybe a reference to a new sign, explaining the reason at the end of the book ... I wondered throughout the book about the renaming of the series?? This being said, I'm looking forward to the release of Anne Canadeo's next Black Sheep book later this year.