Saturday, November 11, 2017

Slay Bells Ring: A Caprice De Luca Mystery

Thank you for visiting today.  A Place at Our Table by Amy Clipston will be out on November 14. It is the first book in An Amish Homestead Novel series

Slay Bells Ring by Karen Rose Smith is the seventh book in A Caprice De Luca Home Staging Mystery series (that’s a mouthful).  Caprice De Luca is staging Christopher and Sara Merriweather home with a “Christmas Delight” theme for their open house.   Chris and Sara own a local hobby store along with Chris making beautiful wood toys during the year.  Chris has been acting strangely since his return from his annual trip to visit old war buddies in Washington, D.C.  Late one evening, Chris (who plays Santa each year) is found dead outside Santa’s cabin on Santa Lane.  Why would someone murder him?  Caprice is asked to look into the crime and see if she can unmask the killer.  She soon discovers that Chris was keeping many secrets.  Which one of them go them got him murdered?

Slay Bells Ring is not a standalone novel.  You do need to read the previous six books in the series or you will be lost.  There are numerous family members (friends, townspeople) and it will be impossible to keep them all straight.  The murder occurs at the 20% mark in the story (I was beginning to wonder if I was reading a cozy mystery). The culprit’s identity can be discovered before the murder occurs (I am not kidding).  I wish the mystery had been slightly more complicated and had been more of the focus of the book.  The focus of Slay Bells Ring is on Grant and Caprice.  They are newly engaged and very much in love (as we are told repeatedly).  Slay Bells Ring is nicely written and has a good flow.  It contains a charming town and a good female main character.  I appreciate Caprice’s fashion sense and love of animals.  Food items and Caprice’s clothing are described in detail (each and every outfit).  Slay Bells Ring is perfect for readers looking for a light-hearted cozy mystery with love, family and Christmas.  There is a preview of Murder with Lemon Tea Cakes at the end of the book (publishes on December 26, 2017).

I hope you found my review helpful.  I will return tomorrow to share my thoughts on A Deadly Eclair by Daryl Wood Gerber.  It is the first book in A French Bistro Mystery series.  May you have a very special day!  Take care and Happy Reading!

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