Saturday, November 18, 2017

Of Spice and Men: A Pancake House Mystery

Greetings!  Full Bodied Murder by Christine E. Blum will be released on November 28.  It is the first book in A Rose Avenue Wine Club Mystery series.

Of Spice and Men by Sarah Fox is the third installment in A Pancake House Mystery series.  A film crew from Hollywood is in town to do a remake of the horror film The Perishing.  Marley McKinney is looking forward to the extra business the movie people will bring to The Flip Side Pancake House.  Marley and Sienna get invited by Christine Gallant, a special effects make-up artist, for a behind the scenes tour.  They arrive to find the trailer door unlocked and a fire inside.  Marley (with a little help) rescues Christine from the burning trailer, but it is too late.  Sheriff Ray Georgeson arrives and Christine’s death is ruled a homicide.  Alyssa Jayde, an actress, is the prime suspect.  Brett, Marley’s boyfriend and Alyssa’s ex-boyfriend, defends Alyssa.  Marley starts asking questions and ends up with a lengthy suspect list.  Who killed Christine?  Can Marley clear Alyssa’s name and find the killer?  Marley’s curiosity just might be her undoing!

Of Spice and Men is an easy to read story.  I recommend reading the first two books in the series prior to Of Spice and Men.  I found the book heavy on romance and jealousy (and light on mystery).  I felt too much of the book was devoted to Brett and Marley’s romance.  Marley was jealous of Brett’s ex-girlfriend and she handled the situation poorly (immaturely).  We are subjected to countless chapters on this situation along with storms that are plaguing the area and Marley talking to (and about) Flapjack (her cat).  The author seemed to use the same verbiage when she was discussing Flapjack (copy and paste).  I am giving Of Spice and Men 3 out of 5 stars.  The murder of Christine was easily solved.  It is not difficult to identify the culprit.  The killer’s motive, though, was interesting. Of Spice and Men is a light cozy mystery.  Many readers will enjoy visiting the charming town and the characters who inhabit it.  The first two books in A Pancake House Mystery series are The Crepes of Wrath and For Whom the Bread Rolls.

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