Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Mermaid Fins, Winds and Rolling Pins: Caramels and Spells Series

Greetings!  Murder on the Sugarland Express by Angie Fox is out.  It is the sixth installment in A Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries.  Join Verity Long, Ellis, Frankie, Molly and more on the Sugarland Express.

Mermaid Fins, Winds and Rolling Pins by Erin Johnson is the third book in Caramels and Spells series.  Imogen Banks has been practicing her magic work with Prince Harry (Hank) since Horace escaped while trying to kidnap her from Bijou Mer.  Extra precautions have been put in place to ensure that Horace, leader of the Badlands Army, cannot get onto the grounds of castle.  Now, though, the staff of the Royal Bakery are off to the Mermaid Kingdom to bake for the engagement party of Queen Aerwyna (known as Winnie the Finnie) and her fiancé, Captain Charles Walker, the pirate king (known as Good Time Chuck).  The first evening the bakers are invited to the Club (a pirate nightclub) and instructed by Bubbles, a close friend of Queen Aerwyna’s, to make brandy balls with a very special pirate brandy.  After a long night of drinking and dancing, all Imogen wants to do is sleep the next day.  Unfortunately, Queen Aerwyna wants to find out more about humans and summons Imogen (she wishes she had kept that fact to herself).  Imogen ends up witnessing the discovery of Bubbles in the ship’s fishing net and becomes embroiled in another murder investigation.  Imogen, Prince Harry, Maple, Iggy and their fellow bakers dive into the case and cast their nets to capture a killer.

Mermaid Fins, Winds and Rolling Pins (that’s a mouthful) is a delightful and entertaining cozy mystery.  I do recommend reading the prior two books in the series before embarking on Mermaid Fins, Winds and Rolling Pins.  The series has great characters that develop and improve with each installment in the series.  I am a fan of Iggy, the magical flame, and his witty dialogue.  I am especially glad that we are finally getting more details on Imogen’s biological family.  The mystery had several elements to it and it was creative (the brandy sounded disgusting).  I did identify the killer (and victim) before the crime, but I still wanted to continue reading the story to see how it would unfold.  I found the magical elements refreshing and intriguing.  The story is nicely written and has a good pace which makes it easy to read and delight in.  There are wonderful descriptions of the Mermaid Kingdom, mermaids, pirate ships, unique contraband, sea creatures, the Water Kingdom library and so much more.  There is humor sprinkled throughout the story with unique analogies (and innuendo).  I did find the romance a little too prominent for my taste.  I am happy, though, to see Prince Harry and Imogen’s relationship progress.  I am eager to read the next installment in the Spells and Caramels series which will be Cookie Dough, Snow and Wands Aglow.  Mermaid Fins, Winds and Rolling Pins is available on Kindle Unlimited.

The first two books in Spells and Caramels series are Seashells, Spells and Caramels along with Blacks Arts, Tarts and Gypsy Carts (also on Kindle Unlimited).  I will return tomorrow with my thoughts on the Twelve Slays of Christmas by Jacqueline Frost.  May each of you have a wonderful Wednesday.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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