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A Love for Lizzie by Tracey J. Lyons

Welcome!  Died in the Wool by Melinda Mullet comes out June 18.  It is the fourth novel in A Whiskey Business Mystery series.  The Brighton Guest House Girls by Lesley Eames releases July 4.  A Ghostly Suspect by Tonya Kappes is out on June 28.  The latest novel in A Ghostly Southern Mystery series. 
A Love for Lizzie (Love Inspired) by [Lyons, Tracey J.]
A Love for Lizzie by Tracey J. Lyons has readers traveling to Miller’s Crossing, New York.  Elizabeth “Lizzie” Miller lives at home with her parents on their dairy farm.  Her father has been working long hours to keep up with the numerous chores.  Paul Burkholder, Lizzie’s friend and their neighbor, arrives with a gift of watercolor supplies for Lizzie who wants to keep her artistic endeavors a secret.  Paul has been friends with Lizzie all her life and he would like more, but Lizzie rebuffs his efforts.  Lizzie is still haunted by the accident ten years ago that killed her brother and left her with a permanent reminder.  The pair notice something amiss at the barn and rush to find Lizzie’s father, Joseph unconscious on the floor.  At the hospital they learn Joseph has suffered a heart attack and he will need time to recover. Paul and the other men in the community rally to help.  Paul is hoping that Lizzie will change her mind about courting him and hopes that seeing him every day will make a difference.  Lizzie needs to find a way to move forward from the past and not let herself be hampered by her outward appearance.  Is it possible for Lizzie and Paul to overcome the past?  Can Lizzie love Paul?
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A Love for Lizzie is a rewarding Amish novel.  This is the first book I have read by Tracey J. Lyons and I enjoyed it.  This is Ms. Lyons debut novel for Love Inspired and her first Amish novel as well.  I liked her engaging writing style with lovely but realistic characters.  Lizzie is twenty years old and prefers to stay on the family farm to avoid strangers who stare at her.  When Lizzie was ten years old, an accident took her brother’s life and left her with visible scar.  Paul Burkholder is Lizzie’s friend and has been since they were children.  Paul would like to court Lizzie, but she keeps pushing him away.  Lizzie has not been able to move forward with her life since her brother died and feels that no man would want her because of her outward appearance.  Lizzie fails to realize that Paul fell in love with her beautiful inside.  It was so sweet when Paul said that Lizzie’s paintings show her inner beauty and strength.  I thought A Love for Lizzie was an emotional story.   Readers get to join Lizzie on a journey to overcome the past.  I like how the community came together to help the Miller family in their time of need and continued to show up each day for them.  God has a guiding hand in our lives, and everything happens for a reason as we see in A Love for Lizzie.  My favorite quote from A Love for Lizzie is “this day wasn’t my doing—it’s a gift from God”.  I did find one discrepancy in the story regarding the death of Lizzie’s brother.  At one point, Paul stated he had just arrived when the accident occurred.  Later in the story, it states Paul did not arrive until after the incident had happened.  Otherwise, A Love for Lizzie was an engaging and satisfying novel. There is a recipe for Double Treat Cookies included (a peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips and peanuts).  A Love for Lizzie is an uplifting Amish story with its focus on faith, love and family. 
Belleville Amish Farm Photograph  - Lori Deiter
A Love for Lizzie will be available in paperback on June 18 and ebook on July 1.  Thank you for stopping by today and reading my review.  I hope you have a blessed day.  I will be back tomorrow but I am not sure which book I will share just yet.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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