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The Brides of the Big Valley by Wanda E. Brunstetter

The Brides of the Big Valley: 3 Romances from a Unique Pennsylvania Amish Community
The Book Supremacy (Bibliophile Mystery 13) by [Carlisle, Kate]
The Brides of the Big Valley by Wanda E. Brunstetter, Richelle Brunstetter and Jean Brunstetter contains three Amish romance stories set in an area called The Big Valley in Pennsylvania.  Three different Amish communities live here, and they are distinguished by the color of their buggy tops:  yellow, white and black.  Deanna’s Determination by Wanda E. Brunstetter has widow Deanna Speicher getting engaged to Elmer Yoder.  Her son, Abner has Down’s syndrome and he adores Elmer.  But then a tragic accident threatens to take away their future.  Rose Mary’s Resolve by Jean Brunstetter features Rose Mary Renno who has just begun working at her father’s furniture shop, Renno’s Furniture Shop.  Rose Mary has been dating Tom Yoder who is encouraging her to jump the fence, which is not in Rose Mary’s future, so she breaks up with him.  But then someone unexpected enters her life and Rose Mary is torn.  What path will Rose Mary take?  Leila’s Longing by Richelle Brunstetter has the artistic, Leila Fisher managing the card shop and the house as her mother’s pregnancy advances in the yellow top community.  Leila is an introvert who has difficulty communicating with people and making friends.  She meets Aden Troyer at a singing in the black top community and they begin courting.  Then a tragedy occurs that could derail their plans for their future. 
 Wanda E. Brunstetter
The Brides of the Big Valley contains three charming Amish stories.  I thought the stories were well-written with steady pacing.  I like that there is a common thread throughout the three books.  All three feature the same community and the Renno family.  We also get updates on Elmer and Deanna in Rose Mary’s Resolve and Leila’s Longing.  Wanda has an engaging writing style.  I immediately became absorbed in Deanna’s Determination.  Jean and Richelle are accomplished writers who provided enriching novellas.  I thought the various characters in The Brides of the Big Valley were realistic and it was interesting to learn about the three diverse Amish communities.  They are all Amish and in the same valley, but they have various differences (not just the color of their buggy tops).  My favorite was Deanna’s Determination.  It is a story that touched my heart and I found myself rooting for Deanna and Elmer. I really liked the cardmaking in Leila’s Determination and the fact they had a shop selling the handmade cards plus cardmaking supplies.  The phrase I wanted to share with you comes from Leila’s Longing and is “His presence provides us with contentment” (that makes me feel loved and peaceful).  All three authors provided inspiring and enticing tales.  There is a recipe included from each story.  The Brides of the Big Valley are heartwarming stories about love, family, and faith. 
Murder with Cucumber Sandwiches (A Daisy's Tea Garden Mystery) by [Smith, Karen Rose]

The ebook version of The Brides of the Big Valley is now out.  The paperback version releases on June 4.  You can obtain an extended free preview of The Brides of the Big Valley for free on Amazon.  Thank you for stopping by today.  Tomorrow I am reviewing Murder with Cucumber Sandwiches by Karen Rose Smith.  It is the third book in A Daisy's Tea Garden Mystery series.  I am off to the grocery store with my long list of needed items.  The last time I went to the grocery store hungry and came up with some items that were not on the list (but they were tasty).  Does that happen to you?  Take care and Happy Reading!

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