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The Amish Cookie Club by Sarah Price

The Amish Cookie Club (The Amish Cookie Club #1)
Amish Sugar Cookie Recipe ~ I Am Baker
The Amish Cookie Club by Sarah Price takes us to Shipshewana, Indiana in April.  Edna Esh, Wilma Schwartz, Mary Ropp and Verna Bontrager get together every other Friday to bake cookies that will be enjoyed by their respective church districts after worship on Sunday.  It allows the four friends to share what is going on in their lives and provide support to each other.  Verna Bontrager’s forthright daughter, Myrna has just lost her latest job at the local grocery store.  Myrna has managed to be fired from every job she has held.  Even her father does not want her working at his hardware store after the last incident with a customer.  She also does not have a beau which worries her mother.  Edna suggests that it might be best if Myrna worked in an Amish home as a companion or mother’s helper.  She soon hears that widower Ezekiel Riehl needs someone to take care of his home and watch his children.  Verna accepts the job on Myrna’s behalf and escorts her out to the Riehl farm to meet Ezekiel or Zeke as he prefers to be called.  Myrna is shocked at the mess inside and out plus she has never taken care of children being the youngest child.  But then Zeke gives her permission to organize the house as she sees fit and Myrna is in heaven.  Myrna is taken with Zeke, but rumors have her doubting that a relationship between them could work.  Will Verna need to plant extra celery this season or will Myrna be looking for another job?
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The Amish Cookie Club is a cute Amish romance novel.  I enjoyed the four main characters who gather together every other week at Edna Esh’s to bake cookies for their respective church districts to be enjoyed after the worship meal.  Their children are grown up, but they are still causing problems for the women.  Edna suggests that they come up with a plan for each child starting with Myrna Bontrager, Verna’s daughter.  Myrna is outspoken with certain ideas and a whiz at organizing.  Unfortunately, her employers have not appreciated her skills including her own father.    When Edna hears that Ezekiel Riehl needs someone to take care of his home and kids, it seems like the perfect place for Myrna.  And a mother can always hope that romance might blossom.  I liked Myrna with her zest for organization and planning.  She certainly has her hands full with four children to watch, a house to clean, laundry, gardening, canning, and cooking (wears me out just thinking about all the chores).  Cookies are a recurrent theme throughout the book and the ladies soon find themselves making more cookies after being cornered by the bishop’s wife.    There are recipes at the end too!  My favorite lines from The Amish Cookie Club is “. . .we can’t change the past.  Only try to do better tomorrow.”  I enjoyed reading the engaging The Amish Cookie Club.  It is a light-hearted story that will have you laughing and craving cookies.
Amish Buggy in Shipshewana, Indiana
The next book in The Amish Cookie Club Series is The Amish Cookie Club Christmas which features Bethany Ropp and John Esh.  It will be released on September 24, 2019.  Thank you for joining me and reading my review.  I am featuring Crepe Expectations by Sarah Fox tomorrow.  It is the fifth A Pancake House Mystery.  I hope you have a sweet day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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