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Amish Secrets by Marta Perry

Happy New Year's Eve!

Book Summary

Amish Secrets by Marta Perry has Rachel Hurst seeking the position of live-in housekeeper with Geraldine Withers after her father unexpectedly remarries.  She is surprised to find her old fiancĂ© Jacob Beiler working on the estate.  Rachel regrets not being able to marry Jacob and how things ended between them.  Jacob still feels the hurt of Rachel’s rejection, but he cannot deny that he still has feelings for Rachel.  As Jacob and Rachel work with Geraldine Withers, they get to know her and become fond of the elderly woman who has a troublesome family.  When small incidents begin to happen that jeopardize Geraldine’s life, the pair become worried.  Rachel and Jacob investigate the episodes to see if they can discover who is behind them.  They will do what they can to keep Geraldine safe.  It soon becomes apparent that someone is unhappy with their snooping when one of their lives ends up in jeopardy.

My Thoughts

Amish Secrets by Marta Perry is the third book in the River Haven series.  It can be read as a standalone for those new to the series or if you missed a book. I do wish that we could have seen or received updates on the characters from the previous two books.  I thought Amish Secrets was well-written with developed characters.  I liked the storyline that contained mystery, suspense, and romance.  The characters were developed and realistic.  I enjoyed the feisty Geraldine Withers.  She needed to be to put up with her family.  Holly, Geraldine’s great-niece, added lightness and humor to the story.  I believe she will grow up to be like Geraldine. The mystery was interesting.  There were a variety of suspects who could be behind the misdeeds.  I did feel that there some unanswered questions at the end that I would have liked resolve, but I did enjoy reading Amish Secrets.  I stayed up late to finish because I wanted to see if I correctly identified the evildoer.  Amish Secrets has a good ending.  Amish Secrets is an intriguing and suspenseful tale with irregular incidents, a troubled tween, an unfriendly family, missing memories, and romantic reflections.

Amish Secrets is available from Amazon* along with other major retailers (Harlequin, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, Chapter's, etc.).  The other two novels in the River Haven series are Amish Outsider and Amish Protector.  You can find Marta Perry's other novels here.  Thank you for joining me today and reading my review.  I hope that you have a happy and safe New Year.  I will be back on January 2 A Wicked Yarn by Emmie Caldwell.  It is the debut of A Craft Fair Knitters Mystery series.  I wanted to share a picture of the blow up I put in my very small front yard.  I have a terrible habit of not looking at the size of an item when I order it.  After the blow up arrived, I took it outside and blew it up to discover that Rudolph is 8.5" feet tall.  He is impressive and adorable.  I love the lights around his antlers.  Isn't he cute?  Have a very Happy New Year!  Be kind, stay safe, and Happy REading!


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Happy New Year!

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