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Courting Can Be Killer by Amanda Flower

Courting Can Be Killer by Amanda Flower

Book Summary

Courting Can Be Killer by Amanda Flower has Millie Fisher worried about young Ben Baughman.  She received a perturbing letter and wants to discuss it with Ben.  It appears that Ben has fallen in love with Tess Lieb and her father, Tobias is against the match.  Ben is working as a security guard at Harvest Village Flea Market which has had a rash of robberies.  Millie finds Ben hopelessly in love with young Tess and determined to prove himself to the girls’ father.  Unfortunately, Ben dies in a fire at the flea market and the rumor mill soon has him responsible for the deed.  Millie with aid from her Englischer best friend, Lois Henry set out to prove Ben’s innocence.  

My Thoughts

Courting Can Be Killer by Amanda Flower is an entertaining cozy mystery.  Millie Fisher is a great main character.  I like how she talks to the goats and lives on her own.  Millie is the matchmaker for her community as well as Amish Marple (Lois nicknamed her this).  She is a sixty-seven-year-old Amish woman who is the opposite of her best friend and Englischer, Lois Henry.  Lois is a hoot.  I like that she is so different from Millie (pink hair, colorful clothes, loud voice).  I laughed often while reading about Millie’s and Lois’ antics as well as those of Millie’s goats, Peter and Philip (they seem to get into more mischief than my cats).  The goats are hilarious.  I thought Courting Can Be Killer was well-written with steady pacing.  The story moved along quickly and was over way too soon.  I like the characters and the town of Harvest, Ohio.  An Amish Matchmaker Mystery series is a spin-off from An Amish Candy Shop Mystery series.  While Bailey King is out of town, we do visit Swissmen Sweets and catch up with Charlotte.  We do get a quick visit with Bailey later in the book and, of course, we get to see what Jethro, the polka dotted pig, is up to (it is funny).  Courting Can Be Killer can be read as a standalone if you have not had the time to read Matchmaking Can Be Murder.  The mystery was fun to follow.  There are a couple of suspects along with good clues to help readers solve the crime.  Deputy Aiden Brody and Deputy Little are on the case.  Deputy Brody would prefer Millie and Lois stay out of the investigation, but he does find their information helpful.  Courting Can Be Killer is an amusing cozy mystery with hooligan goats, a rash of robberies, a bothersome bishop’s wife, a dubious blaze, a curious chair, a domineering dad, and two senior sleuths.  

Courting Can Be Killer is available from Amazon*.  The first novel in The Amish Matchmaker Mystery series is Matchmaking Can Be Murder which is available through Kindle Unlimited.  This series is a spin-off from An Amish Candy Shop Mystery series featuring Bailey King.  You can find Amanda Flower's other novels here. Thank you for stopping by today.  Next time I am featuring Premeditated Mortar by Kate Carlisle.  It is the 8th A Fixer-Upper Mystery.  I hope that you have a fascinating day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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