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Her Amish Wedding Quilt by Winnie Griggs

Her Amish Wedding Quilt

Book Summary

Her Amish Wedding Quilt by Winnie Griggs has Greta Eicher eager to have a talk with her best friend, Calvin Stoll.  They have been friends since they were children and they talk about everything together.  Greta’s feelings have changed toward Calvin, and she is hoping that Calvin’s have as well.  Greta is known for being outspoken and spirited which has turned off other suitors.  Before Greta can discuss the issue with Calvin, she learns that he has begun courting Wanda who is the opposite of Greta.  Calvin’s brother, Noah has been widower for over two years.  His younger sister, Maisie has been watching his two children, Anna and David.  Her sixteenth birthday is approaching which means she can begin enjoying rumspringa.  Noah has promised to find someone else to take care of the kids.  He has decided it is time to remarry, but Noah wants the marriage to be strictly a business arrangement.  Greta has had success matching other couples and agrees to find someone for Noah.  Greta and Noah spend time together so she can get to know him.  Noah begins to view Greta in a different light, and he begins to have feelings for her.  After his first marriage, though, Noah is not willing to risk his heart again.  Can God help Noah overcome the past so he can have a fulfilling future?

My Thoughts

Her Amish Wedding Quilt by Winnie Griggs is the first novel in the Hope’s Haven series.  Her Amish Wedding Quilt is a sweet story.  This is the first book that I have read by Winnie Griggs and I enjoyed it.  Greta Eicher is a feisty main character.  I like that she had spunk and spoke her mind.  Greta likes who she is, and she was not going to change for anyone (hooray for her). Greta was also kind, thoughtful, caring, strong, creative, and a woman of faith.  Noah is the strong silent type who cares deeply.  He loves his family especially his two children, Anna and David.  He just wanted what was best for his kids.  Noah is a skilled craftsman who makes beautiful furniture.  He is also kindhearted man who has had to make some tough decisions.  I enjoyed the descriptions of Noah’s furniture and Greta’s beautiful quilts.  I especially liked the word images of the special quilt Greta created after Calvin started courting another woman.  I thought Her Amish Wedding Quilt was well-written with interesting characters and steady pacing.  The romance progressed nicely.  There were moments when I wanted to shake Noah.  He began to care for Greta early on, but Noah was not willing to admit it nor venture into the love zone.  I like how everything came together at the end for a heartwarming ending.  There were some humorous moments throughout the story along with “awww’ moments with the darling kids and adorable kittens.  The story does have some expected elements, but the rest of the story outweighed that aspect.  Her Amish Wedding Quilt is a darling Amish tale with cute kittens, artistic quilt designs, fine furniture, a caring craftsman, a merry matchmaker, and Christmas cheer.   

Her Amish Wedding Quilt is available from Amazon*.  You can find Winnie Griggs' other novels here.  Thank you for stopping by today.  I hope that you will join me tomorrow.  I am a stop on the Great Escapes Virtual Book Tour for Peppermint Cream Die by Carol Ayer tomorrow.  It is the first book in The HSP Mysteries.  I am off to work on the Christmas trees (everything is in boxes, but my mother wants her Christmas trees).  I am very fortunate that the totes with the ornaments are easy to find.  I wish it was as easy for us to agree on paint color and blinds.  I know it will all work out in the end.  I hope that you have a heartwarming day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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