Friday, October 14, 2016

Crepe Factor

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Crepe Factor by Laura Childs with Terrie Farley Moran is the fourteenth book in the A Scrapbooking Mystery Book series.  Carmela Bertrand owns Memory Mine in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Carmela is at the Winter Market in the French Quarter with her friend, Ava Gruiex (who owns Juju Voodoo).  They are enjoying the various booths (especially the ones with wine) when they hear a fight.  The fight is between Martin Lash, who writes Glutton for Punishment blog, and Quigg Brevard, owner of Mumbo Gumbo.  Martin had written a bad review about Mumbo Gumbo, and Quigg is upset about it.  Later, Ava and Carmela are at a booth that sells corsets (Ava cannot resist and is busy trying on a leather one) when a man stumbles towards them with a serving fork sticking out of his neck.  It is Martin Lash.  Unfortunately, Quigg ends up being the number one suspect.  Quigg asks Carmela to investigate and prove his innocence.  Carmela is torn about this request.  She dated Quigg at one time, and, while she is not interested in him in that way any longer, it will upset her boyfriend, Edgar Babcock.  Edgar is a detective with the New Orleans Police Department and is working the murder case.  But Carmela cannot turn down Quigg’s request (even after Edgar warns her off from investigating again).  Carmela starts investigating with the help of her friend, Ava.  Will Carmela be able to find the culprit before the killer strikes again?  Carmela has an added difficulty of Shamus.  Her ex-husband is wanting time with Boo and Poobah, the dogs. Carmela does not wish to be away from her babies (or deal with Shamus and his drama).  Join Carmela and her friends in Crepe Factor!

Crepe Factor was just a delight to read.  I enjoyed returning to the world of Carmela (and friends) and seeing what she was up to this time.  I enjoyed the mystery in the book.  It was interesting how Laura Childs set it up.  I could see where it was heading (very clever), but I enjoyed following through to the end. The novel is well-crafted and enjoyable to read.  Ms. Childs brings her characters to life.  The only thing that troubled me was Edgar.  I did not like how he treated Carmela sometimes and, personally, I do not know what she sees in him (she could do better).  I would like Carmela to find someone that understands her curiosity and need to investigate.  Crepe Factor has great characters, lovely setting, fast pace, humor, friendship, and an interesting concept.  I love the description of Memory Mine and would love to visit it.  There are instructions on how to use crepe paper in various projects at the end of the book (some clever ideas).  Crepe Factor can be enjoyed alone, but why would you want to!  I highly recommend reading the previous novels in the series.  I give Crepe Factor 5 out of 5 stars.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book (as you can tell).  I just wish we did not have to wait a year for another visit with Carmela and her friends.  

You can follow Laura Childs on Amazon and Facebook.  A Scrapbooking Mystery Book series includes Keepsake Crimes, Photo Finished, Bound for Murder, Motif for Murder, Frill Kill, Death Swatch, Tragic Magic, Fiber and Brimstone, Skeleton Letters, Postcards from the Dead, Gilt Trip, Gossamer Ghost, and Parchment and Old Lace.  You can find theme here on Amazon.

Thank you for visiting.  I am off to enjoy dinner and rest.  My mother had another busy night (I could not get her to lay down and go to sleep), and I am just exhausted (this was the second night). MacGyver is on tonight.  I never enjoyed the original series, but I like this reboot (I think it is the actors).  May all of you have a blessed night!  Take care and Happy Reading!

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