Thursday, October 27, 2016

Shadow Silence

Happy Thursday!  I hope everyone is having a great day.  I want to tell you about a new book that came out today.  It is Search for the Dead by Sheila Connolly.  It is the fifth book in the Relatively Dead Mysteries.   If you have not read any of the novels in this series, you should definitely check it out.  I have been impatiently waiting for this book (I will be up late tonight)!

Shadow Silence by Yasmine Galenorn is the second book in the Whisper Hollow series.  Kerris Fellwater is spirit shaman, and she is responsible for getting the dead to pass over.  Kerris left Whisper Hollow when she was eighteen and did not return for fifteen years (because of abusive grandfather).  Kerris has returned to take over for her Grandmother Lila who passed away.  Kerris is learning her job with the help of Grandma Lila’s journal.  She also has help from Bryan, her protector, guardian, and boyfriend.  Kerris’ friend, Peggin has to find a new place to live.  She has decided to buy a beautiful old Victorian in the Foggy Downs subdivision.  There are ten houses but only two of them are occupied.  It is dangerous to live there because of the Lady.  The Lady lives in the nearby lake and she devours souls.  Her siren song lures them to the lake where the Lady captures them.  Kerris tries to talk Peggin out of buying the house, but she is determined (even though the Lady has been very ravenous of late).  Others tell Kerris to stop trying to talk Peggin out of her purchase (they all should be trying to talk Peggin out of buying this house).  So Kerris reluctantly helps Peggin move into her new home.  Soon Peggin disappears (it is the same day) and they frantically look for her.  Kerris, Bryan, and Dr. Divine (Peggin’s boyfriend) see her on the pier and then are running to save her from the Lady.    They are able to rescue her from the Lady, but Peggin has been marked.  The Lady is angry that she was thwarted and she will not be stopped.  Can Kerris and her friends save Peggin from the Lady?

I had a hard time reading Shadow Silence.  It took me three days to work my way through this novel (I normally finish a book in just a few hours).  This book sounded so interesting, but I found it to be extremely predictable.  Why would you buy a house near the lake?  And then are shocked when the Lady lures you in?  Shadow Silence can be read alone.  All the information from the first book, Autumn Thorns is rehashed in Shadow Silence.  The author repeats the same information over and over (for example that Bryan’s her boyfriend and lover; that she was gone for fifteen years; Dr. Divine and his sculptures that come to life).  The writer is very descriptive.  She describes everything in extreme detail.  I never connected with the characters in this book especially Kerris.  I give Shadow Silence 2 out of 5 stars.  I told you about the main storyline, but there are several side stories going on.  There are many characters in the book (I could not keep track of all of them).  I should mention the foul language and explicit sex scenes (this book should be X-rated).  I will not be continuing with the Whisper Hollow series.  

I am off to enjoy my evening.  Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my review.  I hope all of you have a lovely, relaxing night.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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