Monday, October 24, 2016

The Underground Railroad

Welcome Back!  I hope all of you have had a wonderful weekend. I wanted to share a new book with you by Barbara Hinske.  It is titled The Christmas Club.  It is schedule to be released on November 1, but I noticed it is already available on Amazon.  It is available under the Kindle Unlimited program and for Kindle Prime members.  I hope you will take a moment to check out this new title.

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead tells the story of Cora and her life as a slave.  Cora is a slave in Georgia.  Cora is the daughter of Mabel and the granddaughter of Ajarry.  After Cora’s mother escaped, Cora was alone.  Cora is treated horribly by the other slaves.  She gets thrown out of the where she was living with her mother and is forced to move into the Hob (a house for the slave outcasts).  One day Cora is approached by Caesar.  Caesar is a new to the plantation.  His previous owner was a kind woman who taught him to read.  She had promised Caesar his freedom upon her death, but she did not keep her promise.  Caesar tells Cora about the Underground Railroad.  The two of them form a plan and one day they take off.  Unfortunately, things do not go quite as planned.  Lovey, a fellow slave, follows them (she had been watching them).  They are going through the swamps to make capture more difficult, but they did not anticipate hog hunters.  The hunters realize they are runaway slaves and attempt to capture them.  One of the hunters (just a boy really) ends up dead from a rock.  Cora is now wanted for murder.  Lovey ends up getting captured.  Cora and Caesar quickly make their way to the first stop for them on the Underground Railroad.  They are in for quite a journey.  Some of the stops will be quick and others will be quite lengthy.  Will they ever be completely free or will they continue to be hunted (especially Cora)?  Ridgeway is a slave hunter who has something to prove.  Ridgeway was given the task of finding Cora’s mother, Mabel.  He was never able to capture her.  Ridgeway is very determined to return Cora to her owner.  To find out what happens to Cora and Caesar, you will have to read TheUnderground Railroad.

The Underground Railroad is a very dark novel.   The majority of the novel focuses on Cora (poor Caesar).  I found the writing to be awkward and difficult to read (I just did not like the author's writing style). The book lacks flow.  First we are with Cora, then it jumps to someone else, then back to Cora, and then to another character.  It will also go back in time to tell you the backstory of the latest character (when Cora meets someone new on the Underground Railroad).  It makes it hard to read and to get into the story.   I was able to finish the book, but I did not like it or enjoy it (sorry).  You need to be aware that The Underground Railroad contains very graphic violence.  Some of the violence is very disturbing and upsetting.  I give The Underground Railroad 2 out of 5 stars.  I did like Colson Whitehead’s take on the Underground Railroad.  He had tunnels running all over the United States and actual trains.  I was curious, though, how people above ground did not hear the loud engines of the trains.  Mr. Whitehead did capture the time and place quite accurately. The ending was extremely dissatisfying.

I will return soon with another review.  May all of you have a special day! You deserve it.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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